Transportation Hubs

High Security Barriers, Bollards, Gates Protecting Transportation Hubs

That’s why leading transportation hubs including Los Angeles airport, San Francisco International Airport, the union Pacific Railroad, and several other airports and major transportation centers employ Delta barricades, bollards and crash gates to protect passengers, employees, property and other transportation infrastructure facilities. Vehicles not authorized just can’t get through. Period.

The huge growth of travel has made every airport, train station, subway, car rental facility a potential terrorist target and are now a key areas where intense security are absolute requirements. At transportation hubs, multiple Delta products are deployed in a variety of manners. To protect rental automobiles at lots adjoining Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, 50 Delta vehicle access control systems, including motorized traffic controllers, warning signs and traffic and surface mounted controllers are used. Delta bullet resistant level 4 booths are installed for California’s Ontario Airport. At LAX, crash gates protect the tarmac.

To host 3 million cars per year, the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport has 18 Delta parking/cashier booths handling its parking capacity of 13,000 spaces. To architecturally complement the parking structure, the Delta booths feature rounded corners and custom paint design. To guard against the Minnesota winters, each booth features two heaters and double insulation. Glass is tinted to eliminate sun glare.

When integrated properly into a total system, including fences, lights, alarms, gates, and other security components, Delta vehicle control equipment, including anti-terrorist barriers, are a key measure in preventing threats.

Protecting your perimeters is no small responsibility. Knowing you’ve got the right equipment in place to secure the facility and to prevent human tragedy brings a peace of mind that no amount of money can buy. Carefully researching available options and consulting with experts will ultimately lead to the right solution.

Below is an image of what an unauthorized truck would look like if it tried to enter your facility when protected by a Delta barricade.

Transportation Hubs Vehicle Barricades and Access Control Systems by Delta Scientific
Airport Vehicle Barricades and Access Control Systems by Delta Scientific
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