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Delta provides High Security Wedge Barricades with a crash rating as high as K54 in widths up to 240 inches (6096 mm) and up to 39 inches high (1 M). Delta’s line of in-ground wedge barricades range from K4/M30 to K12/M50 with penetration less than 1M (3.3 feet).

Lowered to allow passage of authorized vehicles, these security barricades are the first line of defense at critical facilities including embassies, nuclear facilities, military bases and corporate headquarters. Delta’s high security barricades provide high speed operations, shallow foundations, and sleek designs that are aesthetically pleasing and extremely effective. With security systems built for high traffic locations requiring rapid emergency fast operation rates, Delta Scientific’s counter-terrorism barricade systems meet and exceed governments’ highest level requirements. Used by the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Military, and U.S Department of State, these High Security Barriers set the industry standards and can be implemented at any location worldwide. 

Delta’s High Security Wedge Barricades are available in hydraulic and electric versions.  For extreme environments Delta offers galvanization or LINE-X coatings to help alleviate rust and corrosion.  We can match any Pantone or RAL color necessary for your application.  Contact a Delta Sales Representative today to see how these protection systems can help secure your facility. 

US Patent #4,490,068 (TT207)

High Security Wedge Barricades | Delta Scientific
DSC501 Wedge Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Wedge Barricade DSC501

Advanced wedge barrier system for sub-surface conditions without extensive excavations, exceeding government K54 testing and achieving K12/L3 certification.
DSC550 Pre-test | Delta Scientific

Shallow Foundation Barricade DSC550

Open frame barricade: Widths 10′ to 16′, ASTM F2656-20 M50/P1 certified, shallow 24″ foundation, low maintenance, high performance.
HD300 Wedge Barrier Protects Entrance to Watervliet Arsenal | Delta Scientific

Wedge Barricade HD300

The barrier, with electric or hydraulic control, halts a 15,000-pound vehicle at 50 mph, remaining intact for multiple impacts.
DSC2000 Wedge Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Wedge Barricade DSC2000

Each module weighing 1100 pounds is suitable for remote areas, ensuring easy installation and convenient transport in small packages.
TT207SFM Wedge Barricade at New York Federal Courthouse | Delta Scientific Corporation

Wedge Barricade HD200

The breakthrough barrier, designed for high-traffic areas, boasts rapid Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) and an ASTM M30/P1 crash rating.
DSC207S Wedge Barricade in Crash Test | Delta Scientific Corporation

Wedge Barricade DSC207S

The new Embassy barricade, featuring a fully enclosed, shallow foundation wedge design, achieved an M50/P1 rating in a full-scale crash test.
Barricades | Delta Scientific Corporation

Wedge Barricade HD2055

The electromechanical anti-terrorist barricade stopped a 15,000 lb vehicle at 51 mph, containing simulated explosives, showcasing its durability.
TT207SFM | Delta Scientific

Wedge Barricade TT207SFM

The high-security barricade stops a 15,000-pound truck at 50 mph, available with surface-mounted or standard foundation options.
DSC1200 Surface Mounted Solution | Delta Scientific Corporation

Surface Mounted Barricades DSC1200

High-security surface-mounted barricade for facilities at risk of vehicular threats. Easy installation without extensive groundwork required.

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