Delta Scientific's parking control barrier system deployed in an underground parking structure, complete with traffic light signals and striped barrier arms, facilitating secure vehicle access and traffic flow management.


Parking Lot Gates / Traffic Teeth

Traffic Control Tire Spikes and Parking Lot Barriers

Whether the need is to control access, monetize private parking or commercial areas, or provide an extra level of security to public and private spaces, Delta Scientific provides solutions for each.

Our wide range of traffic control tire spikes allow for any application where you want to control vehicles from properly entering and exiting your facility.  Our motorized gates will make sure vehicles are controlled and properly identified when approaching and leaving your facility.

If you want to step it up a level and add more protection to your facility then our DSC1400 surface mount series parking lot barricades offer a crash rating and more enhanced security and control options.

US Patent #4,097,170 (Traffic Control Surface Mount)
US Patent #4,158,514 (Safety Traffic Controller)
US Patent #4,354,771 (Motorized Curb Barrier Traffic Controller)

Red Delta Scientific surface-mounted spike barricade in the deployed position with a traffic control signal post, designed for high-security vehicle access points to enforce one-way traffic flow and prevent unauthorized entry.
MTC6000 Flush Mount Traffic Security | Delta Scientific Corporation

Motorized Traffic Controllers

Control spikes are designed to provide protection against unauthorized traffic moving through a protected gate. Vehicles attempting to cross the row of steel traffic control spikes, from either direction, are disabled by the destruction of their tires. Delta Scientific manufactures five types of motorized traffic controllers.
The Choice Between Permanent and Portable Barriers | Delta Scientific

Parking Control Gates

Delta’s line of parking control gates helps keep vehicle throughput to the necessary level your facility requires. These all-purpose semaphore type parking control gates are designed to meet a broad range of vehicle control and parking applications.
DSC1450 Product at Levi Stadium | Delta Scientific

Parking Lot Barricades

Surface mount crash rated barricades are the ideal solution for easy installation and added protection for your facility. Anchoring to concrete with a self-contained control unit these barriers are plug and play. If you want a more aesthetic look can you go with our chrome plated parking bollards that will provide protection and enhance the look of your facility.
TC14 Vehicle Control Sabre Tooth Spikes | Delta Scientific

Sabre Tooth Controllers

Sabre Tooth Traffic Control Tire Spikes enforce “One Way” traffic flow for parking facilities or other single direction vehicle lanes. The torsion spring actuated sabre teeth positively control traffic in one direction while permitting free flow in the other direction.
Illuminated Parking Lot Warning Signs | Delta Scientific

Parking Lot Warning Signs

Aluminum body parking lot warning signs with unbreakable sign faces in a variety of colors. These high visibility parking lot traffic signs assist with parking lot traffic control, management and informational applications. Traffic and parking lot warning signs help to keep parking lots organized, safe and vandal-free.

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