High Security Barricade Control Systems

Delta Scientific offers a wide variety of High Security protections, ranging from K Rated bollards and K Rated barriers (both portable and fixed) as well as sophisticated control systems.

Whether you need to secure military installations, warehouses, government buildings, energy facilities, or corporate headquarters, Delta Scientific provides the means to do so. Delta’s Control Systems feature the latest and most advanced protection technology current available. Early warning systems enable active security measures built into Delta products as well as alert features to on-site security personnel. Delta Scientific’s High Security Protection and Barricade Systems are used around the world by governments, armed forces and corporations.

High-Security-Bollards at Mercedes Benz Stadium | Delta Scientific


Protect your facility and employees with Delta Scientific High Security Bollards for Vehicle Control Systems. Crash-rated bollards are aesthetically pleasing & allow pedestrian movement while providing physical vehicle security at the highest standards. Delta Scientific manufactures bollards for all installation requirements.
DSC7000 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricades

Delta’s crash rated beams are available in hydraulic, electric, and manually operated models. Our crash beams carry ratings from M30 to M50 with penetration levels up to P1 (3’ or less). Multiple configurations include vertical and horizontal actuation with lengths from 10’ to 30’ (3m to 9m). Adjustable speed options are available with the ability to provide an Emergency Fast Operation of less than 2 seconds if required.
Traffic Management Security Barricades | Delta Scientific

Wedge Barricades

K-12 crash rated high security wedge barricades for first line of defense at critical facilities including embassies, nuclear facilities, military bases & corporate headquarters.
TT300 Sliding Gate LAX Fuel Security | Delta Scientific Corporation

Sliding Gates

From airports to embassies, from warehouses to depots, Delta Scientific’s high security crash rated gates stop unauthorized pedestrians and vehicles from entering places that they don’t belong.
MP500 Portable Event Barrier Drawing | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Barriers

Delta Scientific’s Portable Barriers & Portable Bollards provide high security modular protection in quick deployment, temporary needs situations, & special event barricades.
DSC1450 Surface Mounted Security Hertz Rental Car | Delta Scientific Corporation

Surface Mounted

Delta Scientific Surface Mounted Barricades provide optimal entry and access protection when space is limited and time is of essence. Surface mounted barriers feature quick installation into difficult locations.

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