High Security Barricade Control Systems

Delta Scientific offers a wide variety of High Security perimeter protections, ranging from K Rated bollards and K Rated barriers (both portable and fixed) as well as sophisticated control systems.

Whether you need to secure military installations, warehouses, government buildings, energy facilities, or corporate headquarters, Delta Scientific provides the means to do so. Delta’s Control Systems feature the latest and most advanced protection technology current available. Early warning systems enable active security measures built into Delta products as well as alert features to on-site security personnel, improving the overall perimeter protection of facilites. Delta Scientific’s High Security Protection and Barricade Systems are used around the world by governments, armed forces and corporations. 


Delta provides high security barricades with a crash rating as high as K54

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Beam Barricades

Crash Rated Beam Barriers in hydraulic or manually operated models

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Protect your facility and its aesthetics with Delta high security K Rated Bollards

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Control Systems

We build control circuits from the simple to highly complex systems

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Early Warning

Delta Scientific DSC400 Early Warning System alerts guards to active security measures

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Portable Barriers

Delta’s Scientific's portable barriers are used all around the world

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Sliding Gates

From airports to embassies, Delta crash-rated gates stop unauthorized entry

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Surface Mounted

Delta’s Shallow Foundation Barriers feature quick and easy installation

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