White sedan approaching a Delta Scientific high-security vehicle access control barrier with a deployed arm, showcasing the company's commitment to protecting sensitive areas through advanced engineering and design.


High Security Barricade Control Systems

Delta Scientific offers a wide variety of High Security protections, ranging from K Rated bollards and K Rated barriers (both portable and fixed) as well as sophisticated control systems.

Whether you need to secure military installations, warehouses, government buildings, energy facilities, or corporate headquarters, Delta Scientific provides the means to do so. Delta’s Control Systems feature the latest and most advanced protection technology current available. Early warning systems enable active security measures built into Delta products as well as alert features to on-site security personnel. Delta Scientific’s High Security Protection and Barricade Systems are used around the world by governments, armed forces and corporations.

Delta Scientific's high-security anti-ram vehicle gate in a raised position, featuring heavy-duty construction and black and yellow caution striping for maximum visibility, ensures authorized access in sensitive areas while deterring vehicular threats.
High-Security-Bollards at Mercedes Benz Stadium | Delta Scientific


High-security bollards blend aesthetic appeal with robust vehicle control, ensuring pedestrian safety and meeting diverse installation requirements.
DSC7000 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricades

Offering adjustable speed and varying penetration levels, these hydraulic, electric, and manual beam barriers ensure reliable security for diverse applications.
Traffic Management Security Barricades | Delta Scientific

Wedge Barricades

Offering unparalleled security, these wedge barricades feature high crash ratings and are ideal for critical locations like embassies and military bases.
TT300 Sliding Gate LAX Fuel Security | Delta Scientific Corporation

Sliding Gates

Sliding high-security crash-rated gates provide robust protection for critical infrastructure, with options for different styles and automated systems.
MP500 Portable Event Barrier Drawing | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Barriers

Rapidly deployable and modular, these portable barriers and bollards provide effective vehicle security control, requiring no excavation for installation.
DSC1450 Surface Mounted Security Hertz Rental Car | Delta Scientific Corporation

Surface Mounted

Surface mounted wedge barricades ensure high security with quick installation, ideal for locations with drainage issues or where excavation isn’t feasible.

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