DSC7090 Beam Barricade Delta Scientific


Crash Rated Beam Barricades

Delta’s crash-rated beams are available in hydraulic, electric, and manually operated models.  Our crash beams carry ratings from M30 to M50 with penetration levels up to P1 (3’ or less).  Multiple configurations include vertical and horizontal actuation with lengths from 10’ to 30’ (3m to 9m). Adjustable speed options are available with the ability to provide an Emergency Fast Operation of less than 2 seconds if required.

Beam barriers are the perfect solution for ingress and egress applications where you require good vehicle throughput without having to disturb the roadway during installation.  The buttresses sit on either side of the road with only the beam perched above it.   They are ideal solutions to deter theft from parking lots.  Delta’s beams are used at government facilities, military bases, airports, public and private entities, and many automotive sales facilities.  Delta’s beam barricades can be trusted to provide the reliability and stopping power known from the Delta brand.  Contact a Delta Scientific Sales Representative to see how these protection systems can help secure your facility.

Delta Scientific beam barricade in the raised position, demonstrating robust perimeter security in a desert landscape, exemplifying Delta's advanced barrier technology for critical infrastructure protection.
DSC7000 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricade DSC7000

Halts 15,000-pound vehicles at 50 mph on wide roadways, complying with the US Department of State’s K12 standard.
Crash Rated Beam Barricade DSC7500 | Beam Barricade

Beam Barricade DSC7500

Effectively halts 15,000-pound vehicles traveling at 50 mph, aligning with K12 crash certification standards for enhanced security.
DSC7090 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricade DSC7090

Secures wide roadways and parking areas, halting 15,000-pound trucks at 30 mph with a rapid cycle rate for enhanced safety.
TT218 Beam Barricade at Singapore Sports Complex | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricade TT212EC

U.S. State Department certified. Stops 15,000 lb vehicle in 20 feet, with 5-foot penetration. Hydraulic and manual options. Patents pending.
TT212E Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricade TT212E

Government facilities, embassies, and automotive sales venues enhance safety with a beam barricade that effectively controls vehicle access.
TT212 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricade TT212

The high-strength wire rope of this system stops non-armored vehicles up to 6,000 pounds at 40 mph, protecting various facilities.
Beam Barricade TT218 | Delta Scientific

Beam Barricade TT218

The swing gate is ideal for locations where vertical lifts aren’t feasible, offering clear openings from 10.5 to 24 feet.
BB10MS Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricade BB10MS

The hydraulic beam barricade includes integral hydraulic pumping, bolt-in cabinet, and a crash-rated cast-in latch and cable post.
DSC1500 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Beam Barrier DSC1500

The portable barricade sets up quickly and temporarily to block vehicles. With a clear opening of 16 feet (4.8 m), it’s M30 certified.

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