TC14 Sabre Tooth Conversion Modules

The TC14 Standard is named as such because it is “The Industry Standard” for Sabre Teeth Tire Spikes.

  • 72 inches long x 10 inches wide x 4.2 inches deep
  • 20 Sabre teeth (3/8 inch steel plate)
  • Teeth sprung in pairs
  • Long life torsion springs
  • All welded steel frame (.188 plate)
  • Top Plate – Alert Red, Teeth – Zinc plated
  • Weight 130 pounds, approximately
  • Special latch down units available


  • 72 inches long x 8 inches wide x 1.5 inch deep
  • 3 Tooth modules (12 inches long)
  • Long life torsion springs
  • All welded steel frame Reinforcing bar runners on each side of body for pull strength
  • Top plate – Alert Red, Teeth – Zinc plated
  • Weight 20 pounds per module, approximately Latch down mechanism available

TC14 Vehicle Control Sabre Tooth Spikes

TC14 Vehicle Control Sabre Tooth Spikes | Delta Scientific

Other Sabre Tooth Controllers

Wedge Barricade HD300

Wedge Barricade HD300

HD300 Wedge Barricade – M50/P1 rated Barrier with a 24” shallow foundation design. Available with a fully electric or hydraulic control system. The HD300 has a fully enclosed face with an Emergency Fast Operation of 1.5 seconds or less.
Shallow Foundation Barricade DSC550

Shallow Foundation Barricade DSC550

The new Delta DSC550 open frame barricade marks the latest accomplishment from Delta Scientific Corporation. The DSC550’s shallow 24” foundation is ideal for applications where underground utilities, buried pipes and other obstructions may present a challenge. The open frame format provides a unique counter-balance design with no springs or other mechanical assists that need extra maintenance.
Wedge Barricade TT207SFM

Wedge Barricade TT207SFM

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