Mail Room Inspection BioBooth | Delta Scientific

Mail Room Inspection BioBooth

Self-contained, prefabricated, pre-wired and UL-listed, the BioBooth mail screening booth has been designed for inspectors to safely receive and open mail, isolating the rest of the staff and facility from exposure if bio-hazards are suspected.

Designed with major input from the U.S. Department of State, the BioBooth concept can be the first line of biological weapons defense for many governmental and corporate organizations worldwide. The Mail Room Inspection BioBooth is typically installed outside of a main building or inside a shipping and receiving warehouse. When attacked by biological hazards, facilities such as post offices will no longer face a lengthy closure.

Upon discovering contaminated mail, the BioBooth can be sealed, quickly unbolted, and safely removed from public areas for decontamination. Delta’s Mail Room Inspection BioBooths feature outer and inner workrooms with sealed doors, lighting and hospital style floors. Each room has long countertops and open spaces for staging, sorting and prospective decontamination.

A bench top-mounted HEPA-filtered laboratory hood with UV sterilization is pre-installed and may be flexibly positioned to isolate and protect the inspector opening the packages. The booths have controllable drainage and an internal wash-down hose bib. An optional sub-floor basin catches the contaminated liquid for removal through a valve into a disposal container.

The units fit into sea-going open top shipping containers and are available in a wide range of national and international voltages. Both standard and custom size BioBooths are available.

Delta Scientific Bio Booth Interior

Mail Room Inspection BioBooth | Delta Scientific

Delta Scientific BioBooth

Mail Room Inspection BioBooth | Delta Scientific

Bio Booth Removable for Decontamination

Mail Room Inspection BioBooth | Delta Scientific

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