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Delta Scientific has a storied history of producing innovative patented traffic control equipment. It all started with the original patent on our modular traffic controller (spike teeth) in 1978 and continues through today.   For 50 years, Delta has paved the road with over 20 different patents on various products in our vast portfolio.  You know the saying, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.  This applies to large variety of crash rated barrier products you now see in the field today that don’t say Delta Scientific on them.  If you purchase a Delta Scientific barrier you know you are getting the highest quality coupled with 50 years of innovation and reliability.

Model NumberProduct TypePatent Number
Traffic Control Surface Mount4,097,170
Safety Traffic Controller4,158,514
MTC31Motorized Traffic Control Spikes4,318,079
Motorized Curb Barrier Traffic Controller4,354,771
TT207Wedge Barricade4,490,068
TT212Beam Barricade4,576,508
Spring Balanced Bollard4,715,742
TT218Beam Barricade4,844,653
Gas Pre-Charged Mass Counter Balance5,560,733
MTC6000Surface Mount Motorized Traffic Control Spike System6,045,293A
TB100Portable Barricade System10941531B2
DSC1500Portable Barricade System11384493
TB100Portable Barricade SystemUS 10,407,852 B2
DSC550Shallow Foundation BarricadeUS 11725354 B2
DSC1500Portable Barricade SystemUS 2020228330A1
IP500Portable BarriersUS 6,382,869 B1
DSC1500Portable Beam BarricadeUS 2020165787A1
TB100Portable Barricade SystemUS D903906A1
TB100Portable Barricade SystemAustralian Design Patent #201812454
TB100Portable Barricade SystemAustralian Design Patent #201812455
U.K. Patent #GB 2,217,893B
U.K. Patent #2,136,883B

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Patented Products

DSC550 Pre-test | Delta Scientific

Shallow Foundation Barricade DSC550

The new Delta DSC550 open frame barricade marks the latest accomplishment from Delta Scientific Corporation. The DSC550’s shallow 24” foundation is ideal for applications where underground utilities, buried pipes and other obstructions may present a challenge. The open frame format provides a unique counter-balance design with no springs or other mechanical assists that need extra maintenance.
MTC6000 Flush Mount Traffic Security | Delta Scientific Corporation

Motorized and Spring Loaded Traffic Teeth Surface Mount MTC6000

The MTC6000 Surface Mount Motorized Traffic Controller features a modular design, electro-mechanical operation and pedestrian friendly control teeth. The MTC6000 traffic control spikes are designed to control authorized traffic flow on a day-in-day-out basis yet will severely damage or deflate the tires of an unauthorized vehicle, even the new generation of steel belted tires.
MTC31 Flush Mount Traffic Security | Delta Scientific Corporation

Motorized and Spring Loaded Traffic Teeth MTC31

The MTC31 Motorized Traffic Controller Spikes features a modular design and electro-mechanical operation. The MTC31 provides top protection against unauthorized vehicle traffic into or out of protected areas.
IP500 Portable Barrier Hoover Building | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Barrier IP500

Able to be deployed or relocated for full manual or automatic operation within two hours, Delta Scientific’s quick deployment Series IP500 K-4 Crash Rated Barricade will stop and destroy a 15,000 pound (6,800 kg) truck traveling at 30 mph (48 km/h) in less than 20 feet (6 m). It secures an entrance roadway 8 to15 feet in width from vehicle attack.
DSC1500 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Beam Barrier DSC1500

Delta’s new DSC1500 portable beam barricade that sets up quickly and temporarily to block vehicles. The new portable barricade secures locations during short-term events and anywhere a beam barricade is needed for interim security.
TB100 Portable Bollards | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Bollard TB100

The new patent-pending TB100 crash-rated portable bollards allows law enforcement and security providers to quickly create high security special event barricades that block access to temporary venues where vehicles can be used as weapons against large numbers of pedestrians.
Beam Barricade TT218 | Delta Scientific

Beam Barricade TT218

The TT218 Beam Barricade Swing Gate is used at locations where vertical lifts are impractical. It provides clear opening ranges from 10.5 to 24 feet (3,200 mm to 7,315 mm.) Operation is manual.
TT212 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricade TT212

The high-strength wire rope of the TT212 will stop a non-armored or non-tracked vehicle weighing 6,000 pounds at 40 mph (26,7 KN at 64 kph). The TT212 Beam Barricade is used at government facilities, embassies and automotive sales facilities.