Replacement Parts

Vehicle Loop Detector

LMA-1250-LV Replacement Detector

Vehicle Loop Detector, 24 Vac, 50/60 Hz Or 12-24 Vdc, Dip Switches Set To Fail Safe
Infra-Red Beam Sensor

D-168 Replacement Ir Beam

Infra-Red Beam Sensor, Transmitted And Receiver
Delta Barrier Control Card Printed Circuit Board Assypopulated W/Terminal

90605-00 Replacement Board

Delta Barrier Control Card Printed Circuit Board Assypopulated W/Terminal
Gate Safety Edge Transmitter

80910-00 Replacement Transmitter

Gate Safety Edge Transmitter, 310 Mhz
Starter Overload

2531-67 Replacement Starter

Starter Overload,5.4-27 Amp, A-B 193-Ed1Eb
Starter Overload

2531-66 Replacement Overload

Starter Overload, 3.2-16 Amp A-B 193-Ed1Eb
Motor Starter

2531-11 Replacement Starter

Motor Starter, 120/60 A-B 100-C12Kd10
Motor Starter

2531-108 Replacement Starter

Motor Starter, 240V-50/60 Hz,A-B 100-C16Kl10
Hydraulic Gear Pump

2471-25 Replacement Pump

Hydraulic Gear Pump, Barnes G1208D1A100-N00
Filter Element

2470-12 Replacement Filter

Filter Element, Tank Top Style, Return Type
Filter Element

2470-11 Replacement Filter

Filter Element, Standard Spin On Return Type
Tie Rod Cylinder

2468-67 Replacement Cylinder

Tie Rod Cylinder, 3″ Bore X 16″ Stroke

2468-46 Replacement Cylinder

Cylinder, 1.25″ X 39.4″ Welded, 1″ Rod Diameter,Full Seals
Hydraulic Cylinder

2468-44 Replacement Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder, 1.25″ X 30″, Welded 1″ Rod, Full Seals

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