Bi-Fold Speed Security Gate | Delta Scientific

DCS8000 Bi-Fold Speed Gate

Certification Level:  M30 – P1 
Certified by: ASTM
Model #:  DSC8000
Installation Design:  Shallow Foundation

Delta’s new DSC8000 bi-fold speed gate is designed to fit into tight spaces and allow moderate to heavy vehicle throughput.  With an adjustable opening time of 6 seconds, your facility can easily handle up to 180 cars per hour.  Clear openings up to 24’ can be covered with a dual hinge design where the gate panels meet in the middle.  Full-clad panels or DOS anti-climb picketed infills are available to match the architecture of the surrounding facility.  

The DSC8000 is available in an M30/P1 crash tested version or a standard non-crash tested version.  The drive mechanism for the DSC8000 can be hydraulic or electric.  A pre-hung design allows for the gate to be easily tested at the factory and makes for easy installation with minimal assembly in the field.  With a shallow foundation of only 24”, the DSC8000 is an easy choice to fit your speed gate needs.

Custom logos and paint colors are available to put the finishing touches on your new speed gate.

Bi-Fold Speed Security Gate | Delta Scientific
Bi-Fold Speed Security Gate | Delta Scientific
Bi-Fold Speed Security Gate | Delta Scientific

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DSC8000 General Arrangement

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