DSC1100 K8 Portable Barriers

K-8 Crash Rated Special Event Barricades

Certified by: U.S. Department of State
Certification Level: 
K8/L1 & K4/L2
Gross Vehicle Weight: 
15,000 pounds/66.7 kN
Crash Speed: 
40 mph/60kph

The DSC1100 portable crash rated barrier provides security against vehicle-based terrorism or thefts for high-cycle locations such as the entrances to large office facilities, government agencies and military bases.

Able to be deployed in high traffic locations for full manual or automatic operation within two hours, Delta Scientific’s quick deployment modular Series DSC1100 Barricade features a phalanx-type rising plate barrier mounted within multiple inertial pods. The plate barrier lies level to the ground to allow vehicles to pass and is raised or lowered into position utilizing a hydraulic cylinder driven by a Delta Hydraulic Power Unit or manually operated. The weight of the Plate Barrier is balanced by a Hydraulic-pneumatic balance system (U.S. Patent # 5,560,733 dated 10/1/96). The Hydraulic Pumping Unit can be sized to provide pass-through rates suitable for most inspection and identification station requirements.

DSC1100 Portable Barrier at Budapest Embassy

DSC1100 Portable Barricade U.S. Air Force

The unfilled pods weigh less than 700 pounds (318 kg) and consist of a permanent steel housing back-filled with local concrete either in site or remotely. Each Pod has fork-lift slots for moving and positioning. Pods can be moved using a small forklift, pallet jack, crane or handcart. They can be set on paved roads and driveways, undisturbed soil or any combination. No excavation or foundation is required. The portable system can be operated using any Delta hydraulic, pneumatic or manual system including fully automatic access or remote control by hard-wire or RF links.

Operating modes include, full automatic, remote-hard line, remote-radio, card reader, key switch, Battery Powered H4050 Pump or by local guard push button station, and by other means – or by combinations thereof. Patents pending.

Other Portable Barriers

Portable Barrier IP500

Portable Barrier IP500

Able to be deployed or relocated for full manual or automatic operation within two hours, Delta Scientific’s quick deployment Series IP500 K-4 Crash Rated Barricade will stop and destroy a 15,000 pound (6,800 kg) truck traveling at 30 mph (48 km/h) in less than 20 feet (6 m). It secures an entrance roadway 8 to15 feet in width from vehicle attack.
Motorized and Spring Loaded Traffic Teeth Surface Mount MTC6000

Motorized and Spring Loaded Traffic Teeth Surface Mount MTC6000

The MTC6000 Surface Mount Motorized Traffic Controller features a modular design, electro-mechanical operation and pedestrian friendly control teeth. The MTC6000 traffic control spikes are designed to control authorized traffic flow on a day-in-day-out basis yet will severely damage or deflate the tires of an unauthorized vehicle, even the new generation of steel belted tires.
Undercarriage Vehicle Inspection Lights UVLS100

Undercarriage Vehicle Inspection Lights UVLS100

The UVLS100 Under Vehicle Inspection Light System is provided as a permanently installed, resinencased, LED lighting system for use as in-ground up lighting within vehicle traffic lanes to assist with undercarriage inspections. Components provided conform with the technical specifications by the U.S. Department of State. State Department specs call for 20 feet of illuminated product. The objective of the installation is to accurately excavate, place, and seal the two light beam assemblies.