High Security Bollards DSC720 Mercedes Benz Stadium | Delta Scientific

DSC720 High Security K-12 Bollards

K12 Crash-Rated Security Barricades

Certification Level: ASTM M50 (K12) Delta Scientific Corp.
Gross Vehicle Weight:
15,000 pounds (GVW)
Crash Speed:
50 mph

The DSC720 is Delta’s highest crash rated bollard tested with a 15,000 lb vehicle at 50 mph and achieving K-12 bollards crash rating. This high security bollard will stop and destroy much larger vehicles than those tested at very high velocities. Applications include Federal and DOD facilities, embassies and high profile, high-risk clients.

The DSC720 high security barricade bollards are 35 inches (89 CM) tall and 15.1 inches wide without the casting.  The DSC720 series is available as painted steel tube or supplied with a brushed stainless steel sleeve or decorative aluminum castings using Delta’s standard or custom design for a specific project.

The DSC720 bollards are available with Hydraulic Power (HPU), Delta’s All Weather Pneumatic, Electromechanical,  Manual and as Fixed Posts all with matching sleeves or covers.  Consult Delta’s sales department for application recommendations.

DSC720 Manual Bollard Operation

DSC720 Bollards – Mercedes Benz Stadium

DSC720 Crash Rated Bollards

DSC720 High Security Bollards – Kuwait

DSC720 Bollard Available with a New Style of Casting Covers

Triangle Bollard Casting

DSC720 Bollard Available with a New Style of Casting Covers

Triangle Bollard Casting

Specifications & Resources

DSC720 Hydraulic Bollard General Arrangement

DSC720 Counterweighted Bollard General Arrangement

DSC720 Hydraulic Bollard 3 Bollard Array Foundation Specifications

DSC720 (EM) Procurement Specification

DSC720 Counterweighted Bollard Foundation Specifications

DSC720 Hydraulic Bollard Barricade System Procurement Specification

DSC720 Fixed Bollard Barricade System Procurement Specification

DSC720 (EM) Procurement Specification

DSC720 Brochure

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