An architectural view of a stadium entrance featuring a large Mercedes-Benz logo, with a row of stainless steel security bollards by Delta Scientific, ensuring a secure yet welcoming pathway for visitors.


High Security Bollards

Shallow and Deep Foundations  

Portable Options Available 

Protect your facility and employees with Delta high security bollards for vehicle control systems. Raise and lower them in seconds. 

Select the level of security that is required for your application. Delta’s bollard product line ranges from K4/M30 to K12/M50 to protect under the most extreme circumstances. All Delta vehicle access control equipment meets or exceeds U.S. Department of State, ASTM and Department of Defense certifications. You have the assurance that the equipment you are employing for physical vehicle security has been tested to the highest standards for repelling terrorist attacks. Such strength is important whether you’re planning to secure a military base, warehouse or even a sidewalk to protect pedestrians. 

Security Bollards are aesthetically pleasing and allow pedestrians to move between bollards in non-roadway applications.  They are available with a variety of decorative covers and the architect may design their own cast covers to reflect architectural details of the facility. You can specify cast sleeves of aluminum, fiberglass, or brushed stainless steel, all of which slip right over the crash tube. Crash Rated Bollards may be fitted with an internal warning light for increased visibility and engineered to suit high traffic volumes.   Delta has a product line of shallow foundation bollards with excavation as little as 14”.  These come in fixed and removable options and are rated up to K12. 

Delta’s high security bollard systems operate individually or in groups of up to ten and are used for intermediate to high level security applications. Individual bollards are up to 13.25 inches (336 mm) in diameter, up to 39.3 inches high (1000 mm) and are usually mounted on 3-foot centers. Hydraulic and pneumatic, electromechanical, and manual versions can be operated by a variety of control systems. Fixed post versions are available to secure the sides of roadways with the same crash rating and appearance. Manual versions are counter balanced and lock in the up or down position with minimal effort.  All models are crash rated and may be lowered to allow passage of authorized vehicles.  Automated bollards can be activated as quickly as 2 seconds under the Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) to thwart an attempt at breaching the entry point.  Contact a Delta Sales Representative today to see how these protection systems can help secure your facility 

US Patent #4,715,742 (Spring Balanced Bollard)

A city sidewalk enhanced with a line of Delta Scientific high-security bollards, providing pedestrian safety along a busy street while seamlessly blending with the urban landscape.
DSC635 Shallow Foundation Bollard | Delta Scientific

Shallow Foundation Single Bollard DSC635

M50 crash-rated bollard, stops 15,000-pound truck at 50 mph. Shallow foundation design ideal for restricted spaces, customizable covers available.
High Security Single Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC633 | Western Pump

Shallow Foundation Single Bollard DSC633

High-security bollard, ASTM certified M30/P1, shallow foundation design. Stops 15,000-pound truck, customizable covers for aesthetic integration with surroundings.
DSC720-Security-Bollards-Mercedes-Benz-Stadium | Delta Scientific

Bollard DSC720-1M

New security bollards stop 15,000-pound trucks at 50 mph with minimal penetration, achieving ASTM M50 rating.
DSC720 Bollard in Crash Test | Delta Scientific Corporation

Bollard DSC720

Top crash-rated bollard tested with a 15,000 lb vehicle at 50 mph achieves K-12 rating, ideal for high-security sites.
DSC701 Security Bollards | Delta Scientific Corporation

Bollard DSC701

High security bollards in hydraulic, pneumatic, or manual operation, ideal for protecting Federal buildings and cargo depots.
DSC800 High Security Bollard | Delta Scientific Corporation

Bollard DSC800

The crash-rated bollards offer hydraulic, pneumatic, or manual operation, with adjustable speed and customizable designs for architectural aesthetics.
DSC600 Security Bollard in Downtown Pittsburgh | Delta Scientific Corporation

Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC600

Shallow Foundation Bollards defend buildings, sidewalks, and bridges from vehicle threats with shallow-depth installation and high-strength stopping power.
DSC650 Security Bollards | Delta Scientific Corporation

Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC650

Lift-Out Bollards, lockable for security, available in standalone or array configurations, stopping vehicles up to 5000 pounds at 50 mph.
DSC305 Security Bollard | Delta Scientific Corporation

Bollard DSC305

The precision steel bollards, operated by a pneumatic system, control vehicle access to restricted areas, deterring unauthorized or erratic vehicles.
TB150 Bollard Portable Barrier | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Bollard TB150

High-security portable bollards for temporary venues offer quick deployment and omnidirectional impact absorption, enhancing protection against vehicle threats.
TB100 Portable Bollards | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Bollard TB100

High-security portable bollards for swift deployment, effectively blocking vehicle access to vulnerable areas during special events.

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