High Security Bollards

Protect your facility and its aesthetics with Delta high security bollards for vehicle control systems. Raise and lower them in seconds.

Select the level of security that is required for your application. Many Delta Scientific Bollards are K-12 Bollards rated to protect to the most extreme circumstances. All Delta vehicle access control equipment meets or exceeds U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense certifications. You have the assurance that the equipment you are employing for physical vehicle security has been tested to the highest standards for repelling terrorist attacks. Such strength is important whether you’re planning to secure a military base, warehouse or parked freight trailer.

Security Bollards are aesthetically pleasing and allow pedestrians to move between bollards in non-roadway applications.  They are available with a variety of decorative covers and the architect may design their own cast covers to reflect architectural details of the facility. You can specify cast sleeves of aluminum, fiberglass, or brushed stainless steel, all of which slip right over the crash tube. Crash Rated Bollards may be fitted with an internal warning light for increased visibility and engineered to suit high traffic volumes.   Delta also offers rolled bronze plaque  which can be mounted on the bollard body displaying the organization’s logo.

Delta’s high security bollard systems operate individually or in groups of up to ten and are used for intermediate level security applications. Individual bollards are up to 13.25 inches (336 mm) in diameter, up to 39.3  inches high (1000  mm) and are usually mounted on 3-foot centers. Hydraulic and pneumatic, electromechanical, manual versions can be operated by a variety of control systems. Fixed post versions are available to secure the sides of roadways with the same crash rating and appearance. Manual versions are counter balanced and lock in the up or down position. All models are crash rated and may be lowered to allow passage of authorized vehicles.

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High Security Bollards | Crash Rated Bollards Modules Raise and Lower | Delta Scientific


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