Robust black Delta Scientific sliding security gate installed at a facility entrance, complemented by reinforced walls and topped with concertina wire, symbolizing high-level perimeter defense against unauthorized access.


Sliding High Security Crash Rated Gates

From airports to embassies, from warehouses to depots, Delta Scientific’s high security crash rated gates stop unauthorized pedestrians and vehicles from entering places that they don’t belong. Delta designs and manufactures a full line of crash rated gates to protect and control perimeter entries.  Some models operate without contact with the ground across the opening, one is a manually operated swing gate and others operate with rack and pinion drives across V-groove wheel ground tracks while incorporating IR safety beam and safety edges. Swing versions are also available.

The clear openings range from 12 to 30 feet (3,657 mm to 9,144 mm). The standard height for all, except the swing gate, is 109 inches (2,769 mm).  There are five different models to choose from, assuring that any facility can incorporate a gate that will definitively meet its security demands.

Not only can these popular crash rated gates withstand impacts as high as a 15,000 lb (66.7 kN) vehicle striking at 50 MPH (80 KPH) and suffer no significant damage, but they also look good too.  Architects and contractors can choose from sliding and swing crash-tested gates in 14 different decors – green landscaping, screen printed glass, steel screen, back-painted glass, laser cut steel in two versions, panelized colored acrylic, panelized stone, panelized concrete, cast stone, wood and stone, panelized wood and wood screen.

Delta’s sliding high security gates are powered by either electro-mechanical or hydraulic systems. Typical drive speeds are 60 ft (18.3 m) per minute, depending on electrical supply and gate length.  Supplied Delta controls meet all requirements for control and safety. Delta’s high security crash gates are designed to stop all threats and afford maximum impact protection that is ideal for securing critical infrastructure locations and high risk areas. Perimeter entry control high security gates can be found at airports, power plants, embassies, military installations and government facilities.

A waterfront security checkpoint featuring a long, black Delta Scientific sliding gate with high visibility yellow bollards, safeguarding a maritime facility with a naval vessel in the background, signifying strong coastal security measures.
Entry checkpoint to a secure facility with a guard shelter, featuring Delta Scientific high-security yellow bollards in the foreground, ensuring authorized access against a backdrop of rugged mountains.
TT300 Sliding Gate LAX Fuel Security | Delta Scientific Corporation

Sliding Gates TT300

The high-security rolling pedestrian gate offers robust performance for crowd and vehicle control, with customizable options available.
TT280 High Security Sliding Gate | Delta Scientific Corporation

Sliding Gate TT280

The Linear Crash Rated Gate withstands 15,000 lb vehicles at 50 MPH, ideal for high-security locations like embassies and corporate sites.
SGC1000 Border Gate | Delta Scientific Corporation

Swinging Gate SGC1000

Certified for K4 crash rating, the manual swing gate, the SGC1000, offers robust security without the need for a ground track.
Sc3000S Pearl Harbor Sliding Gate | Delta Scientific Corporation

Sliding Gate SC3000S

Cantilevered sliding gate ideal for locations with ground interference, offers rugged design and customizable options for ultimate perimeter protection.

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