TW2015 Surface Mounted Barricade

The TW2015 Hydraulic Wedge Barricade System is a one-inch thick ramp that features quick installation. It is designed to install at difficult locations such as parking structure ramps or areas with sub-surface drainage problems and used for intermediate security applications.

The TW2015 is a 120-inch (3,048 mm) moving ramp, 18 inches (457 mm) high that is surface mounted. Crash rated, the barricades are lowered to allow passage of authorized vehicles.

TW2015 Surface Mounted Barricades Open

TW2015  Surface Mounted Barricade Closed

TW2015 and TW4030 Surface Mounted Barricades

TW2015  Surface Mounted Barricade at LAX Car Rental

TW2015 and TW4030 Surface Mounted Barricades

Pair of TW2015 Surface Mounted Barricades

Other Surface Mounted Solutions

TT207SFM | Delta Scientific

Wedge Barricade TT207SFM

The TT207SFM is a K12 rated barricade 15,000 pound truck at 50 mph. It comes in two versions, surface mounted for parking ramps and with the standard 13 inch foundation. This high security barricade is also available with a debris screen. When the K-12 barricade is in the up position, the hydraulics are protected by the heavy metal ramp plate. Widths available: 12 foot to 24 foot clear opening.
DSC1200 Surface Mounted Solution | Delta Scientific Corporation

Surface Mounted Barricades DSC1200

The new Delta Scientific DSC1200 surface mounted barricade provides a very easy to install high security vehicle access control system for banks, city and federal government offices, museums, corporate buildings, factories, oil refineries, railway, airport and other transportation hubs as well as other facilities threatened by truck bomb attack, errant drivers or car-crashing thieves.
DSC550 Pre-test | Delta Scientific

Shallow Foundation Barricade DSC550

The new Delta DSC550 open frame barricade marks the latest accomplishment from Delta Scientific Corporation. The DSC550’s shallow 24” foundation is ideal for applications where underground utilities, buried pipes and other obstructions may present a challenge. The open frame format provides a unique counter-balance design with no springs or other mechanical assists that need extra maintenance.