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Undercarriage Vehicle Inspection Lights UVLS100

The UVLS100 Under Vehicle Inspection Light System is provided as a permanently installed, resin-encased, LED lighting system for use as in-ground up lighting within vehicle traffic lanes to assist with undercarriage inspections. Components provided conform with the technical specifications by the U.S. Department of State. 120 degree output LED lighting delivers 654 LUX of illumination with a color temperature of 6500 Deg K. A High / Low selectable switch allows for different illumination levels.

UVLS100 | Undercarriage Vehicle Inspection Lights | Delta Scientific


1. Illumination

  • 120 Degree Output LED lighting, tested at 12 inches to deliver a minimum of 654 Lux
  • UVLS100 “HIGH” output: 3000 LUX
  • UVLS100 “LOW” output: 1500 LUX
  • Color temperature of 6500 Deg. K.
  • Switch selectable High/Low levels of illumination

2. LED Encasement

  • 2 rows of LED lighting encased in water clear Resin
  • UV light and oxidation resistant
  • Hydrophobic and weather resistant

3. Power Supply

  • 120-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, power required
  • NEMA type 4 enclosure, IP66
  • Selectable off delay timer, preset to 30 minutes

4. Load Profile

  • Low output at 80W per single 20 FT LED block
  • High output at 160W per single 20 FT LED block

Application Notes

  • Light beams are to be placed with 31-1/2” center-to-center spacing between the two lighting strips.
  • Use only manufacturer recommended, outdoor rated, self-leveling sealant.
  • Place underground and above grade conduit prior to installation of lighting system.

Parts List

  • One (1) Power Supply, 120-240VAC 1
  • Two (2) Resin encased LED beams
  • One (1) Installation Manual

Specifications & Resources

UVLS100 General Information