Roadway entrance with three Delta Scientific barricades displaying diagonal red and white stripes and 'ROAD CLOSED' signage, set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains and a modern office building, illustrating the deployment of certified traffic control solutions to enhance safety.


Delta Scientific Corporation Safety Act Certification

Certified Products

The SAFETY Act certification places Delta Scientific’s active and passive anti-ram barriers on the “Approved Product list for Homeland Security.” This certification is the highest level of liability protection.

The Department of Homeland Security has completed its review of Active and Passive Barriers, and has granted Delta Scientific coverage under the federal law known as the “Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology Act” (the “SAFETY Act”). Delta Scientific has achieved the highest level of certification with the Red Seal.  This means Delta Scientific is actually deemed ‘Certified’ and not ‘Designated’ as you will see with other vendors that carry a Blue Seal.  Why is this important?  Under the Designation label, DHS caps a seller’s insurance liability in the event of an act of terrorism among several other legal protections. Under the Certified label, in addition to the Designation benefits, the seller can assert the Government Contractor Defense for any claims arising from acts of terrorism.  This is just another reason to choose Delta Scientific for your security needs.

The SAFETY Act eliminates liability that could arise out of a terrorist attack for sellers whose anti-terror products have been reviewed and approved by the DHS in America’s fight against terrorism. The SAFETY Act lawsuit protection coverage will result in significantly lower liability exposure for Delta Scientific and its customers, should a future act of terrorism occur.

These lawsuit protections extend to Delta Scientific’s customers should a future act of terrorism occur and lawsuits follow alleging that Delta Scientific’s physical security products failed to prevent the terrorism. Delta Scientific, the contractors that install our products, the security integrators, architects and engineers that specify our products, and the end use customers that use our qualified physical security products on their facilities, all benefit from the liability protection afforded by the SAFETY Act. The entire supply chain (manufacturer, specifiers, installers, vendors, and customers) also benefit from the coverage Delta Scientific receives from SAFETY Act Certification.

Should a lawsuit happen, our customers’ liability would be strictly limited, if not nonexistent, in most cases, because they purchased Delta Scientific’s SAFETY Act approved products and services. This may also create an opportunity for Delta Scientific’s customers to lower insurance premiums given the elimination of risk of lawsuits.

For further information about the SAFETY Act and how it relates to Delta Scientific’s Active and Passive Barrier products please contact our team.

Model NumberProduct TypeCrash Rating
MP5000Portable Wedge BarrierM40
HD300Wedge BarrierM50
DSC550Open Frame Wedge BarrierM50
DSC600Shallow Foundation Fixed BollardK12
DSC633Shallow Foundation Fixed BollardM30
DSC635Shallow Foundation Fixed BollardM50
DSC650Shallow Foundation Fixed BollardPU50
DSC720-1MDeep Foundation BollardM50
DSC800Deep Foundation BollardK4
DSC288Crash GateM50
DSC1200Surface Mounted Wedge BarrierK4
DSC2000Wedge BarrierK12
DSC501Wedge BarrierK12 and K54
DSC7000Beam BarrierK12
DSC1500Portable Beam BarrierM30
DSC7090Bolt Down Beam BarrierM30
MP5000-M50Portable Wedge BarrierM50
TB100Portable Bollard ArrayM30
TB150Portable Bollard ArrayM50
HD200Wedge BarrierM30

“K” indicates the DOS certified barrier speed ratings’ maximum vehicle impact speed achieved when a vehicle traveling at a nominal speed is successfully arrested by the barrier from a perpendicular direction.

e.g., K12 = 50mph (80kph), K8 = 40mph (65kph), K4 = 30mph (48kph).
“M” indicates the Tested Vehicle (Medium-Duty Truck weighing 15,000 lbs.) successfully arrested by the barrier.

e.g., M50 = 50mph (80kph), M40 = 40mph (65kph), M30 = 30mph (48kph).

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SAFETY Act Certified Products

High Security Single Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC633 | Western Pump

Shallow Foundation Single Bollard DSC633

High-security bollard, ASTM certified M30/P1, shallow foundation design. Stops 15,000-pound truck, customizable covers for aesthetic integration with surroundings.
DSC635 Shallow Foundation Bollard | Delta Scientific

Shallow Foundation Single Bollard DSC635

M50 crash-rated bollard, stops 15,000-pound truck at 50 mph. Shallow foundation design ideal for restricted spaces, customizable covers available.
DSC550 Pre-test | Delta Scientific

Shallow Foundation Barricade DSC550

Open frame barricade: Widths 10′ to 16′, ASTM F2656-20 M50/P1 certified, shallow 24″ foundation, low maintenance, high performance.
DSC1200 Surface Mounted Solution | Delta Scientific Corporation

Surface Mounted Barricades DSC1200

High-security surface-mounted barricade for facilities at risk of vehicular threats. Easy installation without extensive groundwork required.
Stadium Security & Protection | Delta Scientific

Portable Barrier MP5000

A towable, rapid deployment vehicle barricade system successfully passed a full-scale crash test, allowing production for large vehicle traffic areas.
DSC1500 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Beam Barrier DSC1500

The portable barricade sets up quickly and temporarily to block vehicles. With a clear opening of 16 feet (4.8 m), it’s M30 certified.
TB150 Bollard Portable Barrier | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Bollard TB150

High-security portable bollards for temporary venues offer quick deployment and omnidirectional impact absorption, enhancing protection against vehicle threats.
TB100 Portable Bollards | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Bollard TB100

High-security portable bollards for swift deployment, effectively blocking vehicle access to vulnerable areas during special events.
DSC800 High Security Bollard | Delta Scientific Corporation

Bollard DSC800

The crash-rated bollards offer hydraulic, pneumatic, or manual operation, with adjustable speed and customizable designs for architectural aesthetics.
DSC720-Security-Bollards-Mercedes-Benz-Stadium | Delta Scientific

Bollard DSC720-1M

New security bollards stop 15,000-pound trucks at 50 mph with minimal penetration, achieving ASTM M50 rating.
DSC650 Security Bollards | Delta Scientific Corporation

Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC650

Lift-Out Bollards, lockable for security, available in standalone or array configurations, stopping vehicles up to 5000 pounds at 50 mph.
DSC600 Security Bollard in Downtown Pittsburgh | Delta Scientific Corporation

Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC600

Shallow Foundation Bollards defend buildings, sidewalks, and bridges from vehicle threats with shallow-depth installation and high-strength stopping power.
DSC7090 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricade DSC7090

Secures wide roadways and parking areas, halting 15,000-pound trucks at 30 mph with a rapid cycle rate for enhanced safety.
DSC7000 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricade DSC7000

Halts 15,000-pound vehicles at 50 mph on wide roadways, complying with the US Department of State’s K12 standard.
TT207SFM Wedge Barricade at New York Federal Courthouse | Delta Scientific Corporation

Wedge Barricade HD200

The breakthrough barrier, designed for high-traffic areas, boasts rapid Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) and an ASTM M30/P1 crash rating.
DSC501 Wedge Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Wedge Barricade DSC501

Advanced wedge barrier system for sub-surface conditions without extensive excavations, exceeding government K54 testing and achieving K12/L3 certification.
HD300 Wedge Barrier Protects Entrance to Watervliet Arsenal | Delta Scientific

Wedge Barricade HD300

The barrier, with electric or hydraulic control, halts a 15,000-pound vehicle at 50 mph, remaining intact for multiple impacts.
DSC2000 Wedge Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Wedge Barricade DSC2000

Each module weighing 1100 pounds is suitable for remote areas, ensuring easy installation and convenient transport in small packages.