A Delta Scientific mobile barrier deployed on a lively boardwalk, with police oversight ensuring the safety of the bustling public space filled with visitors and vendors near ocean-side attractions.


Protecting Public Spaces

Military, Government, Airports, Seaports and Stadium leaders have made protecting their personnel and assets against vehicular terror attacks a major priority over the years.

Perhaps the sector that still has the greatest risk is public spaces. Everyday pedestrians fall victim to errant drivers encroaching on sidewalks, parks, religious gathering places, and any other heavily foot trafficked areas.  

Busy walkways pose a huge risk to pedestrians when they are unprotected from vehicle entry, both accidental and by malice. Delta Scientific is working to inform local municipalities, building owners, and event organizers of what can be done to protect these public spaces.  Shallow foundation bollards have proven to be a perfect solution for protecting walkways and thoroughfares. Shallow bollards often offer no interference with existing in-ground utilities and are widely customizable to match the local surroundings or city aesthetic. If you are responsible for a public gathering place, give Delta a call and we will help you select the right barrier for your application.  

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Public Spaces Security Products

IP500 Portable Barrier Hoover Building | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Barrier IP500

Quick deployment K-4 crash-rated barricade stops a 15,000-pound truck at 30 mph within 20 feet, ideal for various locations.
Portable Barrier DSC1000 | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Barrier DSC1000

Commercial, crash-tested vehicle barrier towed on its own trailer, utilizes Soft Stop technology, minimizing driver injury and protecting pedestrians.
DSC1500 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Beam Barrier DSC1500

The portable barricade sets up quickly and temporarily to block vehicles. With a clear opening of 16 feet (4.8 m), it’s M30 certified.
DSC900 Portable Barrier | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Barrier DSC900

The high security barricade offers protection against vehicle threats at key locations, with quick deployment for manual or automatic operation.
DSC1100 Portable Barrier | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Barrier DSC1100

High-security portable barrier defends entrances to large facilities, government sites, and military bases against vehicle threats.
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Portable Barrier MP5000

A towable, rapid deployment vehicle barricade system successfully passed a full-scale crash test, allowing production for large vehicle traffic areas.

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