MTC31 Motorized Traffic Control Spikes

Found in over 5,000 Locations Worldwide

US Patent #4,318,079

The MTC31 Motorized Teeth comes in 3.0 foot (914 mm) modules that are bolted or epoxy-affixed to the surface of new or suitable existing concrete or asphalt traffic ways to provide the additional advantage of a speed bump.

Systems can be ordered to control traffic ways up to 32 feet (9.14 M) in width.

The MTC31 Motorized Traffic Controller Spikes features a modular design and electro-mechanical operation. The MTC31 provides top protection against unauthorized vehicle traffic into or out of protected areas. MTC31 systems are in operation in over 5,000 locations worldwide and are providing around the clock protection for car storage lots, rental agencies, airports, government buildings or any location where theft or fee-avoidance is an issue.

The MTC31 Motorized Traffic Controller Spikes

MTC31 Motorized Traffic Control Flush Mount

MTC31 Motorized Traffic Control Surface Mount

MTC31 Motorized Traffic Controller Diagram

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