High Security Single Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC633 | Western Pump

Shallow Foundation Single Bollard DSC633

High Security Shallow Foundation Single Bollard

M30 Decorative Crash Rated Fixed and Removable Bollard

Certified By:  ASTM
Certification Level: M30/P1
Installation Design:
  Single Shallow Foundation

Delta Scientific’s new DSC633 shallow foundation bollard single bollard has been successfully tested to ASTM F2656-20 M30/P1 standards.  Designed for applications where underground utilities and space limitations pose a problem, the DSC633 is the perfect solution.

The DSC633 is a single shallow foundation bollard design that stopped and destroyed a 15,000 pound test truck with an amazing -3.63 feet of dynamic penetration and -8.82 feet of static penetration.  The simulated bomb load remained intact and contained on the truck bed.  The test vehicle weighed 15,000 pounds and was traveling  over 30 miles per hour.  The DSC633 bollard has a height of 44 inches and a diameter of 13.75 inches with a cover.  Delta’s bollards can be furnished with an array of decorative covers to enhance the look and match the aesthetic of the surrounding structures.

High Security Single Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC633 | Western Pump Crash Test
DSC633 Crash Test

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DSC633 General Arrangement

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