Why Traffic Management Is Important

Why Traffic Management Is Important | Delta Scientific

The invention of the automobile made land travel faster and easier. The next step was to make it more organized and efficient, a task that is never completed. Traffic management is the arrangement, control, guidance, and organization of motorized and non-motorized vehicles on the road; those that are stationary as well as those that are moving, as well as pedestrians. Traffic laws and signals bring order to the roads and thus can be seen as the primary rudiments of traffic management. However, traffic management is generally understood as handling traffic flow and volume throughout the day.

What Are the Goals of Traffic Management?

The primary goal of traffic management is to make the movement of goods and persons as efficient, orderly, and safe as possible. This applies to everyone who uses the roads, not only operators of motor vehicles but also pedestrians and cyclists. For example, redirecting traffic from major roads during peak hours may help the overall movement be safer and more efficient.

Traffic management doesn’t only pertain to the roads and the travelers on them. Most city streets have areas adjacent to them where people live, work, shop, play, and travel. Another goal is to enhance the quality of these local environments.

What Are Some Applications for Traffic Management?

Some traffic management applications are only needed on a temporary basis. For example, when there is road construction, it is necessary to slow down traffic to avoid accidents and keep passing cars out of the area where the work is being done. Temporary traffic management is also necessary to manage the increased flow of traffic during a special event, such as a festival or concert.

However, some traffic challenges require permanent solutions. Examples of permanent solutions to traffic management problems include the following:

  • Restricting vehicle access to pedestrian-only areas
  • Preventing trespassing on a commercial property outside of business hours
  • Controlling access to a toll road or private parking lot, allowing only authorized users

Delta Scientific products can address traffic management issues such as these with either fixed or mobile barriers. Fixed barriers are completely stationary and used in places where motor vehicles are never allowed to go. Mobile barriers can be raised or lowered to allow access to certain vehicles but not others or prevent them from entering during particular times of the day.

How Can Delta Scientific Products Help?

We offer a wide variety of traffic control barricades to fit every situation. If you only need a temporary or occasional traffic management solution, portable barriers and bollards can be set up and removed quickly yet are crash-rated for high-speed collisions with vehicles weighing up to 15,000 pounds.

You may require a more permanent solution in an urban area where you cannot dig a deep foundation because of buried utility lines. Shallow foundation bollards require a foundation of only 14 inches but provide comparable protection to those that extend four feet underground. As a bonus, many of the models we offer can be customized to match your exterior décor.

Because there are so many different scenarios in which traffic management comes into play, Delta Scientific offers over 50 types of traffic control devices to meet your unique needs.