Choosing and Setting up Barricades for a Concert

Listening to musicians perform live and sharing the experience with others can be a special experience. However, rowdy crowds can become dangerous. Terroristic vehicle ramming attacks are unfortunately more common, and concert venues can present a soft target. We at Delta Scientific offer several barricade options to help you keep musicians and attendees safe at your next concert.

How Do You Choose Barricades for Your Concert Venue?

Choosing and Setting up Barricades for a Concert | Delta Scientific

There are several factors that you should take into consideration before choosing barricades.


Do you have a large venue that you expect to draw crowds of thousands of spectators? Or is the venue small and intimate, for only a handful of attendees? The more people you expect, the sturdier barricades you need to withstand pressure from many excitable spectators.

Is the venue indoors or outdoors? Is it a permanent facility, such as a theater or arena, or is it a multipurpose area also used for other things? In the latter case, you may benefit from portable barriers that you can put up before the concert and take down afterward.


It is helpful if the barricades have bright, noticeable colors so that people can see them easily, especially in a big crowd or from a vehicle. Many of our barricades are customizable and available in colors such as yellow or red so that people can see them more easily.


The advantage of portable barricades is that you can set them up and take them down easily, move them around, and set them back up again wherever you need to. Our portable barricades are easy to set up and take down within a matter of minutes.


If the venue is inside, or if you expect the crowd to be small and intimate, the barricades may function just to show people where to go, in which case, you do not need a particularly sturdy material. However, if you need to control the crowd, or prevent a vehicle from crashing into the venue, you need barricades made of steel or a similarly heavy-duty material.

Crash Rating

Portable barricades from Delta Scientific are designed to stop a vehicle weighing up to 15,000 pounds, even if it is traveling up to 30 miles per hour. This equates to a crash rating of M30 according to ASTM standards. We perform testing to confirm this rating. Some of our permanent barricades have higher crash ratings, with some achieving the highest-available M50 rating.

How Do You Set Up the Barricades?

Another potential risk of large gatherings of people is crowd surge. When people get excited or scared, they can all start moving in the same direction at once. This can cause people to get trapped between the throng of people and a barricade, or the ground if they fall, and squeezed so that they cannot breathe. To prevent this, make sure you configure the barricades in such a way that they allow people to escape should a crowd surge occur.

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