Military Base Breaches Versus Delta Scientific Barricades

Military Base Breaches Versus Delta Scientific Barricades

Breaches of physical security on military bases by unauthorized personnel are more common than the average civilian may realize. Unauthorized personnel may wish to steal military information for a foreign power or just cause chaos by committing violence. We at Delta Scientific understand the risks that these breaches pose to national security. Our barricades have a role in preventing and thwarting such breaches.

The Latest Military Base Breach

On May 3rd, 2024, two individuals arrived at the front gate of a military base in Virginia in a box truck. They claimed to be making a delivery to the U.S. Post Office. Due to their lack of credentials, military officers decided to vet them and directed them to a holding area. The driver drove past the holding area, ignoring the instructions of military officers and attempting to drive onto the base.

Military police officers deployed vehicle barriers, which stopped the vehicle from advancing any further onto the base, and detained the vehicle occupants. The occupants, who were unhurt, weren’t citizens of the United States. Therefore, they were given into the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

While authorities wouldn’t comment on the contents of the vehicle or the intentions of the individuals, they believe that the breach may have been a “dry run” for a terrorist organization to see how far their operatives could get a truck onto the base to execute an attack.

Other Recent Military Base Breaches

Unfortunately, breaches of physical security on military bases aren’t uncommon. The Virginia incident was the latest in a string of military base breaches taking place across the country over the last six to seven months:

  •  Oct. 21, 2023: A suspected gate runner made it onto a base in Texas and was able to escape by driving the wrong way in the inbound lane.
  • Nov. 3, 2023: An individual going by the alias of a comic book character drove up to the gate of a Florida base claiming to be an active member of the United States Operation Command with top-secret information for top brass. Upon being denied entry, the individual became argumentative. A search of the vehicle revealed an AR-15 rifle and 125 rounds of ammunition. The individual was arrested and later indicted on charges of attempted possession of a firearm in a federal facility.
  •  Mar. 17, 2024: A driver sped onto a base in California without stopping or slowing at the main gate. Guards forced the vehicle to stop by opening fire.
  •  Mar. 27, 2024: A foreign national entered another military base in California. Authorities apprehended the individual after the individual ignored orders to leave the premises.

While some of the perpetrators of these breaches were foreign nationals, others were citizens of the United States.

The Role of Delta Scientific Barricades To Stop Breaches

We are proud that Delta Scientific barricades have thwarted attempts to breach security at military bases in the past. For example, our MP5000 portable barricade foiled three different breach attempts at the same Texas base over a 15-month period from 2019 to 2020.

The base in question used portable barricades because they offered greater flexibility than a more permanent installation. Whether you run a military or government facility or are in the private sector, contact us to find a customized solution to your security challenges.