Parking Bollards: The Best Options and How To Set Them Up

Parking bollards are key tools for limiting vehicle access, protecting properties, and keeping pedestrians and other drivers safe. However, there are several different types of parking bollards available, with different pros and cons for each one. It’s important to understand where parking bollards are most useful to evaluate whether a specific type is the right solution.

What Types of Parking Bollards Are There?

At Delta Scientific, we offer several kinds of parking bollards, each designed for specific applications and security levels. Here are some popular options in our inventory:

  • Fixed Bollards: We recommend these for areas that need constant protection from vehicle traffic, such as sidewalks or storefronts. This type of parking bollard is also popular in areas that experience a lot of traffic, such as drive-through windows.
  • Removable Bollards: This style can be quickly set up and taken down as needed. They can often be seen during major events to direct a greater volume of traffic in the area.
  • Automatic Bollards: These are best for high-security facilities or government buildings, as they can be raised or lowered using a remote control or another security system.
  • Retractable Bollards: When these bollards aren’t needed, they can quickly retract into the ground, offering a convenient and cost-effective option for all kinds of properties. This option is also helpful in areas where fixed bollards could be an eyesore.
Parking Bollards - The Best Options and How To Set Them Up | Delta Scientific

The benefits of parking bollards include boosting pedestrian safety, increasing drivers’ awareness of certain obstacles, and protecting property from traffic. Bollards can also be useful in parking lots, driveways, and streets to prevent illegal parking and keep traffic flowing smoothly. Another important use for parking bollards is redirecting traffic during emergencies, creating a safe zone for first responders to appropriately address the situation.

How to Set Up Parking Bollards

Before setting up parking bollards, it’s important to evaluate the type of environment the bollards will be in, how many bollards the space will require, and which type of bollard is the best fit. Then, it is time to focus on properly setting up the worksite, which may involve excavating, leveling, and checking for underground utilities that could be affected.

Permanent bollards must be anchored securely to the foundation, whereas retractable bollards will need space underground to hide when not in use. Check to see if the automatic and retractable bollards operate smoothly and reliably with the remote control devices. If you have fixed bollards, thoroughly assess their stability.

Make sure to remain compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA by ensuring that the bollards will not block the access aisles adjacent to accessible parking spots.

We recommend frequently checking your bollards for signs of damage or wear and tear to keep them in optimal condition.

Contact Us for Help With Parking Bollards

Parking bollards are simple but highly effective traffic and security management tools, and our team at Delta Scientific offers a wide range of bollards to meet your needs. Whether you want to increase pedestrian safety or improve the security of your facility, we’re confident that we can help. For more information, please reach out to our team today to speak with an expert.