Get Acquainted With Portable Barriers From Delta Scientific

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The accessibility of cars and trucks and the damage they can cause in pedestrian areas often make them the weapon of choice for terrorists of all ideologies, especially those who consider themselves “lone wolves” and don’t have an organization to back them up. Security barriers are effective at stopping vehicle attacks and protecting buildings and pedestrians, but a permanent installation is not always possible. Fortunately, Delta Scientific offers portable barriers that can be installed quickly, are affordable, and provide crash-rated protection comparable to our permanent barricades.

What Types of Portable Barriers Are Available?

Delta Scientific offers two different types of portable barriers. Unfilled buttresses can be set up in two hours and allow you to slow down traffic at a checkpoint for identification and inspection purposes. Towable barriers can be set up in 15 minutes. They can be used to provide security for special events or to secure a facility against a specific threat.

What Are the Advantages of Portable Barriers?

Apart from the ease and speed with which they can be set up, portable barriers offer other significant advantages:

  • Portable barriers can be set up on any hard surface, from asphalt to concrete to compacted soil.
  • They do not require excavation, meaning there is no risk of damage to the surface or compromise to utility cables or other underground infrastructure.
  • Because portable barriers do not install permanently onto the property, they are easier for organizations to buy because they do not have to become part of the real assets budget.
  • Our portable barriers go through the same testing process as our permanent products and receive crash ratings that accurately indicate how effective they are at preventing a vehicle attack.

Does a Portable Barrier Provide Less Protection?

All our security barricades, including our portable barriers, receive crash ratings based on testing showing how effective they are at stopping a 15,000-pound vehicle at certain speeds. For example, an M50 crash rating means that the barrier can stop a vehicle traveling 50 miles per hour, an M40 barrier is effective at 40 miles per hour, and so on.

Portable barriers are available in a range of crash ratings, just as our permanent barriers are. Nevertheless, the fact that a barrier is portable does not mean that it offers less protection. For example, Delta Scientific’s TB150 Portable Bollards and MP5000 Portable Event Barricade are towable barriers rated M50, which is the highest crash rating available.

While the crash rating is important, it is not the only consideration. Options for operation may be important as well. If this is an important consideration, you may want to consider the IP500, a temporary drop-arm barrier. It has a crash rating of M30 and can be operated either manually or automatically.

What if You Only Need a One-Time Solution?

A unique situation may arise for which you need a security barrier on a one-time basis, for which the purchase of a portable barrier would not be practical. We understand situations like this at Delta Scientific, which is why we offer a plan that allows you to lease the barriers on a short-term basis. When you are finished using them, you can simply pack them up and return them.

We are happy to work with you to find a temporary security system that best meets your needs.