Portable Barriers & Bollards for Vehicle Security Control


Portable Barriers & Bollards for Vehicle Security Control

Begin installation in the morning, have protection by lunch.

First used successfully to protect NATO troops in Kosovo and elsewhere, Delta Scientific’s quick deployment, modular portable barrier solutions can be rapidly set up on existing concrete or asphalt roads, level compacted soils and other hard surfaces. No excavation or sub-surface preparation is required.

Delta’s portable barriers are used around the world. The Social Security Administration temporarily used them to secure its headquarters while permanent Delta stainless steel bollards were being installed. The U.S. Department of State uses them to protect embassies in locations where permanent barricades are not feasible.

MP5000 Portable Barrier Event Security Freemont Street Festival | Delta Scientific

Towable Units

Towable barricades answer the need of Delta clients that require a temporary barricade system to address a specific threat or secure a facility during special events.  They can also be used as a more permanent solution with the upgrade to the 24v H8050 HPU which allows for more control options and faster speeds.

Built at the request of U.S. Federal Government Force Protection Specialists for initial fast deployment use in Iraq and elsewhere, the totally self-contained MP5000 is towed into position and controls vehicle access within 15 minutes. Once positioned, the mobile barricade unpacks itself by using hydraulics to raise and lower itself off its wheels.  Simply plug in standard 120v or 220v power and you are ready to go.  The MP5000 is M40 Certified and comes in lengths of 12’, 16’ and 20’. 

The little brother of the MP5000, the DSC1000, uses the company’s “Soft Stop” technology. Light enough to be towed by a golf cart and set up in only 10 minutes, the new DSC1000 portable barrier has already passed an ASTM crash test in which it stopped a 5,000-pound (2300 kg) vehicle going 40 mph (64kph), providing it with an ASTM rating of P50. With no foundation or electrical hook-up needed, two people can set up and take down the DSC1000 in ten minutes. Similarly, the new DSC1500 is Delta’s latest portable and easily towable beam barricade that can be set up in ten minutes and stop a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at 30 mph.

Delta’s newer product line of TB100 and TB150 portable bollards also offer M30 and M50 protection with easy setup and maneuverability.  They can also be used in conjunction with the MP5000 to provide M50 protection.

Portable Barriers & Bollards for Vehicle Security Control
Stadium Security & Protection | Delta Scientific

Portable Barrier MP5000

A towable, rapid deployment vehicle barricade system successfully passed a full-scale crash test, allowing production for large vehicle traffic areas.
Portable Barrier DSC1000 | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Barrier DSC1000

Commercial, crash-tested vehicle barrier towed on its own trailer, utilizes Soft Stop technology, minimizing driver injury and protecting pedestrians.
DSC1100 Portable Barrier | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Barrier DSC1100

High-security portable barrier defends entrances to large facilities, government sites, and military bases against vehicle threats.
DSC900 Portable Barrier | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Barrier DSC900

The high security barricade offers protection against vehicle threats at key locations, with quick deployment for manual or automatic operation.
IP500 Portable Barrier Hoover Building | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Barrier IP500

Quick deployment K-4 crash-rated barricade stops a 15,000-pound truck at 30 mph within 20 feet, ideal for various locations.
TB150 Bollard Portable Barrier | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Bollard TB150

High-security portable bollards for temporary venues offer quick deployment and omnidirectional impact absorption, enhancing protection against vehicle threats.
TB100 Portable Bollards | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Bollard TB100

High-security portable bollards for swift deployment, effectively blocking vehicle access to vulnerable areas during special events.
DSC1500 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Portable Beam Barrier DSC1500

The portable barricade sets up quickly and temporarily to block vehicles. With a clear opening of 16 feet (4.8 m), it’s M30 certified.

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