Security Systems and the Power of the Camera

When devising a security plan, the best weapon designers and experts have at their disposal is information. Whether it be data relating to a specific area for planning or real-time information about perimeter status, it pays to know what’s coming. Since it’s impossible to keep an eye on every location at once, security cameras are excellent for watching a plethora of areas. These valuable tools should not be overlooked or underused when crafting an exterior defense.

Poor Gates Bar Effective Airport Security

For almost two decades, airports have been trying to secure themselves from intrusions of all kinds. While airports have been able to reduce the threat of insurgents boarding planes effectively, there are still lapses in external security that could prove extremely dangerous. The security gate is by far the weakest point in any fence-based security plan.

How Effective Are Traffic Spikes?

Traffic control spikes allow traffic to flow in one direction while preventing access from the other. Spikes are designed to prevent drivers from entering through an access point where a gate may close slowly or where a gate cannot be installed. Delta offers tire spike traffic controllers for a variety of applications.

Reducing Parking Lot Hazards With Signage

As leaders in security, Delta Scientific understands that accidents can happen anywhere, including the parking lot. Traffic safety isn’t limited to the road; parking lots can be a huge concern in their own right. Approximately one out of five accidents happens in a car park, which means improving parking lot safety can go a long way to reducing injuries and damage caused by collisions. One simple way to address this issue is to display appropriate signage.