Security Systems and the Power of the Camera


When devising a security plan, the best weapon designers and experts have at their disposal is information. Whether it be data relating to a specific area for planning or real-time information about perimeter status, it pays to know what’s coming.

Since it’s impossible to keep an eye on every location at once, security cameras are excellent for watching a plethora of areas. These valuable tools should not be overlooked or underused when crafting an exterior defense.

Sight Beyond Sight

Cameras have been utilized in security for decades and provide personnel with the best method of viewing multiple angles. This lets security staff have immediate information on the condition of strategic areas they are responsible for.

In addition, technology has increased to the point where cameras integrated with computerizes systems can analyze license plates and other information. As public safety officers know, this data can then be cross-referenced with public and private databases to identify possible threats as they come into surveillance range.

Security in 3D

The NFPA 730 manual proposes a concrete method of establishing a well-defined security setup, featuring a series of concentric rings that each perform certain functions. The outermost circles of protection labeled “deter, detect and delay” are where exterior security cameras can see the most use.

Security cameras do act as a form of deterrence, but the true value of technology like Delta Scientific’s DSC400 Early Warning System is to detect incoming threats early enough to prepare a response. Combined with bollards, gates and barricades, integrated designs allow security personnel the time needed to contact officials and react accordingly.

Designing With Data

Having cameras on site is worth more than just simply providing staff with advanced notice or real-time information. Surveillance can also be a useful tool for architects and designers when updating current security setups.

Looking at security footage, designers can analyze vehicular and foot traffic patterns to get a better idea of how surrounding and internal roads and pathways are utilized. Instead of hiring a consultant or using general security information, real on-site data can be used to develop more concrete and effective measures.

Video and digital cameras are an excellent way to allow staff to craft a preemptive strategy when a threat comes into view and provides valuable information about how certain areas are utilized by pedestrians and drivers. Reach out to Delta Scientific to learn more about early warning systems and how cameras help to make your facility a safer place for employees and guests alike.