The Versatile Security of Round Guard Booths

The Versatile Security of Round Guard Booths | Delta Scientific

Guard booths are an essential component to many secure facilities. In some settings, space may be limited, calling for a unique design solution. One option is to opt for a round guard booth, rather than a square structure. The flexibility of this choice makes it easier to lay out your entry area for maximum efficiency.

What are the benefits of round booths?

Round guard booths provide a streamlined design that has a few different practical advantages. Sightlines are more open, allowing for greater visibility across the facility. A narrower structure also decreases the risk of car collisions and may open up the possibility of more drive paths and guard stations.

A custom booth at Delta Scientific can be built to match the specifications of the foundation, creating a polished and professional look. Superior technology and engineering combine to produce a versatile result. Though the round booth may be smaller than a traditional square version, it still can hold all necessary equipment with efficient storage options.

Where are round guard booths most commonly used?

A round guard booth is most worthwhile in a facility that requires an extra layer of security. It is especially useful on military bases and government facilities, where it’s paramount to keep out unauthorized individuals. These booths can also serve as effective checkpoints if you need to collect payment before admission. Some of these applications include the following:

  • Stadiums
  • Arenas
  • Amusement parks
  • Parking lots
  • Airports

Many of these facilities collect a sizable portion of revenue from parking fees. If too many cars are passing through without paying, it may affect the organization’s bottom line. That’s why reliable gate entrances are key.

How do guard booths provide better security?

The mere presence of guard booths can serve as deterrents against illegal entry into a facility. In addition, the structure provides a storage center for necessary equipment, surveillance monitors and emergency devices, so that security personnel are fully equipped to maintain expectations.

Prompting cars to stop at a guard booth also gives staff the opportunity to evaluate and interact with visitors. This allows ample time to identify suspicious persons or vehicles. In a time when vehicle break-ins have escalated, any chance to monitor entry into parking areas can be a huge help.

Many types of facilities can benefit from the added security that a guard booth provides, and a rounded model offers even more advantages. Protecting a building from unwanted visitors starts by securing the entry point. The right structure with the right team staffing it can make all the difference. To learn more about the round guard booths and all guard booths that we offer, contact us online or call us at (661) 575-1100.