How Effective Are Traffic Spikes?

How Effective Are Traffic Spikes | Delta Scientific

Traffic control spikes control traffic in one-way directions. Don’t confuse them with spike strips that police use to stop fleeing vehicles. Sabre Tooth Tire Spikes allow traffic to flow in one direction while preventing access from the other direction. These spikes are designed to prevent drivers from entering through an access point where the gate may close slowly or where a gate cannot be installed.

When a driver drives over traffic control spikes from the wrong direction, the spikes pierce the tires, causing them to deflate and need to be replaced. When a car drives over the spikes from the correct direction, the spikes retract into the ground and do not cause any damage.

What to Know About Traffic Spikes

Traffic control spikes are designed to work at low-speed locations. Speeds should not exceed 5 mph over the spikes. It’s recommended to combine a speed bump with a section of traffic spikes to ensure that cars approaching the exit will slow down to the correct speed. Signage is also suggested to give drivers information about how to approach the spikes to prevent damage.

Traffic spikes are designed for direction control and anti-theft control, rather than final denial access. Spikes can be controlled manually or automated.

There is a concern over traffic spikes causing more injuries because of tires deflating quickly. Hollow spikes puncture the tire but break away from the strip and lodge in the tire. Air does not escape all at once, making it safer. Ideally, the tire spikes cause drivers to avoid driving over them and damaging the vehicle.

Delta Scientific offers tire spike traffic controllers made for standard tires, but we also have a system that is designed to handle industrial and commercial trucks that carry a larger load.

What Industries Use Traffic Control Spikes? 

Traffic spikes work for both high and low security applications. Typically, they are part of an entire system that could include barrier gates, signage and access control systems. You may see traffic control spikes in these industries:

  • Parking garages or parking lots
  • Private communities and apartment complexes
  • Airport or municipal parking facilities
  • Businesses that need specialized security solutions
  • Government offices
  • Military bases and ports

Traffic Control Systems That Work

Traffic control spikes are most effective when combined with other parts of a security system that has been designed to your specifications and needs. You shouldn’t expect traffic control spikes to work in areas where vehicles go faster than 5 mph. Installing recognizable safety devices that control traffic promote a secure and safe environment while still allowing public access.