Reducing Parking Lot Hazards With Signage

Reducing Parking Lot Hazards With Signage | Delta Scientific

Traffic safety isn’t limited to the road; parking lots can be a huge concern in their own right. Approximately one out of five accidents happens in a car park, which means improving parking lot safety can go a long way to reducing injuries and damage caused by collisions. One simple way to address this issue is to display appropriate signage, like that produced at Delta Scientific, to remove any ambiguity in problematic areas and also remind drivers that traffic laws are still in effect even though they’re no longer on the road.

Speed Limits

There’s a lot happening in parking lots: vehicles are pulling into and out of parking spaces, pedestrians are present in abundance and drivers make frequent stops to accommodate the bustle. With so much happening at once, it’s essential that cars proceed with caution, and that requires a slower pace. Posting speed limit signs can serve as a reminder to slow down and pay attention.

Right of Way

Parking lots tend to have a lot of intersections, which can lead to confusion as to who needs to make way for whom. Posting stop or yield signs helps drivers determine who has the right of way. If your lot has an irregular shape or if you have traffic flow problems, you may also consider placing signs with arrows designating proper aisle directions.

Pedestrian Crossing

Risk to pedestrians increases in parking lots due to blind spots and vehicles backing up. Signs for pedestrian crossing serve a twofold purpose: to alert drivers to the presence of people navigating the blacktop and to provide a designated path for foot traffic. With clearly established lanes for both vehicles and pedestrians, each group is better able to maintain awareness of the other and take the necessary precautions.

Effective Signage

Quality signage is vital to improving parking lot safety, as poor design can do more harm than good. It’s best to use images and symbols that drivers are already familiar with, so there’s no misunderstanding or hesitation. If you need to make a custom sign, be sure to not overcrowd it; use as few words and symbols as possible to keep the visual simple. It’s also recommended that signs be reflective to catch a motorist’s eye even at night.

As leaders in security, Delta Scientific understands that accidents can happen anywhere, including the parking lot. Decrease your commercial property’s risk of liability with our warning signs, available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions. For more information on our security products or to get a quote, call (661) 575-1100 or contact us online.