Poor Gates Bar Effective Airport Security


For almost two decades, airports have been trying to secure themselves from intrusions of all kinds. Adding personnel, equipment and regulations internally have done wonders to make air travel safer for individuals, but there is more to protection than metal detectors and pat-downs.

While airports have been able to reduce the threat of insurgents boarding planes effectively, there are still lapses in external security that could prove extremely dangerous. By identifying current weak points, these areas become much more secure from intrusion.

Joy Ride or Wake-Up Call?

One of the major issues facing airport security is the amount of land that needs monitoring and protection. While most safety measures are put into place near main points of egress, sometimes even this isn’t enough.

In January of 2019, a man took a joyride through gated fencing driving at about 100 miles per hour in a Ford Mustang. He sped across in-use airport runways, threatening the lives of passengers and then proceeded to enter an empty hanger to spin doughnuts before finally being apprehended.

While this instance seems humorous on the outset, it is evident that airport security structures weren’t enough to hold back a car. It is evident that an individual wishing to wreak havoc and harm persons and property would have had easy access to the airport no matter what vehicle was used.

Tamper Evident

It’s not just plowing a vehicle through poorly reinforced gates that can cause problems. When a man forced open a locked gate at the Hannover Airport in Germany, he was able to make his way onto the runways as well. While the entry was part of the secured perimeter, the suspect was able to force his way through even in an intoxicated state.

These incidents illustrate that it takes more than simple fences and locks to keep out determined individuals. If airports want their runways safe from intrusion, more effective measures need to be taken to secure those areas of egress.

Gated Community

The security gate is by far the weakest point in any fence-based security plan. The standard method of egress through gates is also the weakest since they traditionally open outwards, a setup that can be easily breached.

The obvious answer to preventing vehicular access while still providing fenced-off security is via the installation of rolling security gates. These crash-tested barriers are the perfect solution since they both allow access through the entrance and roll closed in a way that makes impact breaches extremely difficult.

Choosing a sliding security gate is the best way to ensure joyrides and break-ins are thwarted immediately. Contact a representative at Delta Scientific to learn more about improving your security with impact-tested gates that ensure the only doughnuts at the airport are found in the food court!