Planning Better Parking Lot Protection


One of the most dangerous locations in your place of business isn’t the kitchen or the bathroom, it’s the parking lot. Having excellent security does more than keep vehicles safe, but protects employees and guests alike. 

The Bureau of Justice found that over one in five violent crimes occur in open areas, while one in ten happen at parking lots in particular. Whether you’re in charge of a company garage or a University lot, here are three ways to make sure your parking area is secure from any threat.

Gating Communities

Preventing unwanted vehicles in your parking areas is paramount to keeping trespassers away. If someone is forced to walk into the lot, they are severely limited in the types of crimes they can commit as well as how easy their escape can be.

Having a strong gate with remote operation can let those you want into the lot via card or sensory entry, and allows you to regulate traffic flow by having designated entrances and exits. Combined with other deterrents like motorized spikes, you can ensure that pedestrians navigating the lot utilize traffic-free pathways that will remain visible to security cameras as well.


Any gate can be avoided if there are no fences keeping vehicles at bay. A criminal looking for a quick escape won’t hesitate to drive over grass and curbs to get out. A good fence can keep even the most determined drivers where you want them.

For public schools and universities where cutting off foot traffic isn’t an option, bollards are an excellent alternative. Placed close enough to prevent vehicle passage, they will still allow pedestrians, bikes and strollers freedom to maneuver in and around the lot. In addition, they can be retractable and slide quickly below the roadway for emergency access.

An Eye for Security

Nothing works better than having an officer or other employee keeping an eye on things in your lot. This means having adequate lighting and removing many obstructions so guards and security cameras can readily view the happenings in your parking lot.

Having a security booth will go a long way as both an effective deterrent and an instrument of quick response. With the ability to monitor cameras and stay protected within their booth, guards can maintain vigilance and know exactly who is driving into the lot via gate access.

Having a secure parking area is just as important as keeping the locks on buildings and entryways secure. Contact Delta Scientific to learn more about lot safety and let us help plan the best layout for your organization’s needs.