Protect Your Property With Sliding Gates

Protect Your Property With Sliding Gates | Delta Scientific

If fences make good neighbors, then gates create safe premises. A gate is a visible reminder that the property beyond is not meant for public access. However, manual gates can be a hassle to operate. To remedy this, many properties have upgraded to automatic sliding gates that pair well with access control systems.

Better Use of Man Power

Manual gates require officers present to unlock and then re-secure them. Instead of using one officer to man each gate, one security officer can man a dozen automatic gates or more from one central area by using access control and surveillance cameras. This person can even work remotely, from another site, limiting the possibility of an organized breech.

Prioritizes Officer Safety

There are, however, instances when an organization may prefer security personnel to be visible. The problem here lies in the fact that while opening a swinging gate, an officer’s back is usually turned, making them vulnerable to potential attacks. However, with a sliding gate operated remotely or even from within his or her security booth, the door opens with a flick of a button, so the officer never has to take his eyes off the vehicle coming in.

Improves Efficiency

Some sliding gates don’t need to be manned by officers at all. For instance, sliding gates tested at the IMS Messsysteme GmbH in 2016, provided the following benefits.

  • Detection of approaching vehicles within a distance of four meters (approximately 13 feet)
  • Automatic opening of the gates within four seconds after detecting proper authorization
  • Visitors who did not have vehicle identification could self-register at the intercom.

Greater Security and Convenience

Some swinging gates are automatic, so here are a few situations where sliding gates still pose an advantage.

  • When roads are narrow or traffic is likely, so the driver is unable to back up if the gates swing forward.
  • When the gate is located on a slope as the gates may scrape the road as they enter.
  • When security is paramount as the locking mechanisms of swinging gates are susceptible to wind and force.

As an additional measure to make our sliding gates at Delta Scientific even safer, they are crash rated and can resist up to 15,000 lbs. even when struck at up to 50 MPH (80 KPH).

Keeping property, personnel and tenants safe are the key goals of managing a secured property. While this can be a difficult job, technology in the form of access control systems and sliding gates can help to make it a lot easier. For more information on how these systems can offer maximum protection for your property, give us a call at 661-575-1100.