Delta Scientific surface-mounted barrier arm in a lowered position with an accompanying control pedestal, part of a comprehensive parking control gate system for secure vehicle entry points.


Parking Control Gates

Vehicle gates and beams for parking control needs

Controlling access into and out of your facility is critical to providing an orderly and structured traffic flow.  Delta’s parking control gate product line ensures your needs are met in this capacity.  Whether it’s the automated AG812, SG1420, BB10M or the manual MG137, MG139 and MG215, Delta has you covered.  Every application is unique and Delta’s ability to cover all of these scenarios is what sets it apart in the barrier industry.  Contact a Delta representative today to get pricing and product application advice for your facility.

3D rendering of a bright yellow Delta Scientific commercial parking control beam, designed for secure vehicle passage regulation, featuring a robust structure and high-visibility coloration for effective traffic management.
AG812 Parking Lot Gate for Vehicle Access Control

Commercial Parking Control Beam AG812

Versatile parking control gate with robust construction, interfaces for various systems, and compatibility with wood or aluminum arms.

Commercial Parking Control Beam SG1420

High security parking control beam gate: 10-18 foot double reduction drive, withstands heavy traffic, interfaces with revenue systems, UL listed.
Commercial Parking Control Beam MG215 | Delta Scientific

Commercial Parking Control Beam MG215

Manual swing vehicle controlling beam, widths 12-25 feet, robust design, simple latch mechanism with optional tamper shield, epoxy primer finish.
MG137 / MG139 Manual Operation Parking Control Beams

Commercial Parking Control Beam MG137

Featuring a 2-inch square steel arm, this is perfect for drives up to 15 feet. Designed for areas with less traffic, it provides basic, yet reliable, access control.
MG137 / MG139 Manual Operation Parking Control Beams

Commercial Parking Control Beam MG139

Ideal for drives up to 22 feet. It’s suitable for low-traffic areas, offering a simple, effective security solution.
Commercial Parking Control Beam BB10M

Commercial Parking Control Beam BB10M

High-security hydraulic barrier gate: Protects roadways up to 33 feet wide, designed for traffic control and security applications.

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