TT212EC Beam Barricades

It has been certified by the U.S. Department of State to stop a 15,000 pound vehicle in less than 20 feet. Actual penetration is 5 feet. Both hydraulic and manual versions are available. Patents are pending.

TT212EC TT212EC Printable Information .pdf file
TT212EC TT212EC General Arangement .pdf file

TT218 Beam Barricades

The TT218 Beam Barricade Swing Gate is used at locations where vertical lifts are impractical. It provides clear opening ranges from 10.5 to 24 feet (3,200 mm to 7,315 mm.) Operation is manual.

TT212EC TT218 General Arrangement.pdf file
TT212EC TT218EC General Arrangement.pdf file

BB10MS Beam Barricades

BB10MS Hydraulic Beam Barricade features an integral hydraulic pumping unit with bolt in place cabinet along with a cast in place latch and cable post. The BB10MS is crash rated.

The length range is from 10 to 16 feet.Both TT212 Beam Barricade Hydraulic (H) and Manual (M) versions are available. The units are crash rated.

TT212EC BB10M Printable Information .pdf File

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