Beam Barricades

Delta’s Beam barricades are available in hydraulic, electric, and manually operated models. All are crash rated with one version enhanced for applications at nuclear power plants. The clear openings range from 10.5 to 20 feet (3200 mm to 7315 mm). Models DSC7500 and TT218 are configured as swing gates for use where vertical lift is impractical. All other models are raised to allow passage of authorized vehicles.

DSC7000 Beam Barricade

DSC7000  Beam Barricades

TT212E Beam Barricades

TT212E  Beam Barricades

TT212EC, TT218, BB10MS

TT212EC / TT218  /  BB10M  Beam Barricades

DSC7500 Beam Barricades

DSC7500  Beam Barricades

TT212 Beam Barricades

TT212 Beam Barricades