The Roles of Industrial Bollards in the Petro-Chemical Industry

Protecting infrastructure is huge responsibility in the petro-chemical industry. Your company needs the right equipment in place to ensure the safety and security of equipment and to prevent tragedies. Delta Scientific has barricade systems and solutions that make your property more secure by giving you vehicle control systems to control access around your facility. 

Portable Protection on a Smaller Scale

Safety is always a primary concern, even in locales where aesthetics and architecture play a dominant role in landscaping. Places such as malls and town greens must be easily accessible for foot traffic and pose their own safety issues. When planning a layout for a major corporation or university campus, it’s easy to integrate permanent solutions to vehicular defense threats. Problems arise when security staff needs to make accommodations for areas where safety has been an afterthought.

Beautiful Bollards Are the Attractive Alternative

Protecting people and property from vehicular threats would appear to be an easy task. Many buildings and roadways already have security measures in place, or rely on temporary solutions to fix permanent problems. Other areas might need to keep cars and trucks away from pathways mainly used for foot traffic but may still require vehicle access in emergencies or for maintenance work.

The Importance of Preparedness: Early Warning Systems

While in the past vehicle attacks were a source of concern, today the most prevalent means of conveyance is used as a weapon for destruction. Vehicles have become part if the terrorist tool kit, and it’s more important than ever to prepare for such threats. From angry drivers to determined killers, there have been over 14 major deliberate vehicle attacks in the past five years. One of the most effective ways to keep people and property safe is to develop and implement early warning systems that will ensure security personnel has adequate time to respond to threats.