Safety in Stopping Power

Safety in Stopping Power | Delta Scientific

The best way to keep a threat at bay is to stop it in its tracks. When planning a security infrastructure, it’s important to keep track of possible incursion points and safeguard them from attack. The best way to hold off a mobile assault is to take away its advantage: mobility. Delta Scientific has a variety of barricades that keep any danger from moving forward.

Physics of Force

To understand the strength behind barricades, it’s important to know something about the threat it opposes. A moving vehicle has kinetic energy thanks to both velocity and mass. This stored power is released on impact with devastating effect; the faster and more massive a vehicle is, the harder it hits. When the collision occurs, energy is transformed into heat, sound and power, which crushes the frame as it courses through the vehicle.

Much of this force is applied directly to the barrier, which must be engineered specifically to absorb and redirect it to prevent additional forward motion. The best method for stopping a threat involves situating vehicle entrances and barricades near corners or other obstructions that force transports to reduce speed upon approach. Then it’s up to the strength of the barrier to prevent further intrusion.

Stopping the Right Way

Not every security situation is identical. Each environment has its own specific needs, and barricade choices need to be tailored to the situation. There are a variety of possible options based on security desires, planned placement and visual appeal, including:

  • Permanent barricades
  • Portable barriers
  • Parking control gates
  • Spike strips
  • Pneumatic and static bollards
  • Sliding gates

While permanent barriers provide the best overall stopping power, portable options offer substantial protection in their own right. For example, the DSC 1100 is rated K8/L2, meaning it can stop a 15,000 vehicle going approximately 40mph (60kph) within a maximum of 50 feet. Similarly, the recently released DSC 1500 portable drop arm beam barrier is ideal for portable needs and temporary situations with a rating of ATSM 30, which is stopping power to halt a 15,000 vehicle going approximately 30mph (48kph).

Cease and Desist

When it comes to stopping power, an excellent barricade will not only stop the threat but also maintain stability in case a second attack occurs. Exceeding federal standards, models like the DSC501 offer a K54 rating which brings a 65,000 lb dump truck to a dead stop. In addition, the foundation retains strength to keep additional threats at bay. While stopping 5.4 million foot-pounds of force is a feat in and of itself, the DSC501 is able to be reset quickly with only limited tools, making it ready to do its job again.

Making a location safe means keeping threats outside and citizens safe inside. Finding a barrier that can withstand tremendous forces and come back ready for more is the key to an impregnable defense. Contact Delta Scientific today at (661) 575-1100 to discuss your location’s security needs.