Portable Protection on a Smaller Scale


Safety is always a primary concern, even in locales where aesthetics and architecture play a dominant role in landscaping. Places such as malls and town greens must be easily accessible for foot traffic and pose their own safety issues. When planning a layout for a major corporation or university campus, it’s easy to integrate permanent solutions to vehicular defense threats. Problems arise when security staff needs to make accommodations for areas where safety has been an afterthought.

Choosing portable barriers is the most obvious solution, and when security teams look to protect pedestrians they often utilize a variety of barricade types. By using options that can be transported to different locations, they become essential tools that re both effective and flexible. More and more, police and safety personnel are turning to these types of barriers to protect areas that would otherwise remain vulnerable.

The Most Wonderful Time

When the holiday season rolls around, malls and shopping centers become hubs of human activity. From customers looking for the perfect gift to employees scrambling to get to work on time, parking lots and garages can become a cluttered nightmare for security. Unfortunately, this can also make malls perfect targets.

One such shopping center just northwest of Chicago learned the dangers of vehicular attack. A man drove his SUV into an entrance of the Woodfield Mall, causing havoc as it made its way towards the center court. While there were no fatalities, several pedestrians were taken to the hospital. Had this occurred in a busier time of year, the results could have been disastrous.

A Sporting Chance

Sports events present their own types of security issues. Rowdy spectators making their way to the big game can be a challenge to corral, especially for larger venues like the Memphis University campus. For the big Memphis vs SMU game, police took extra precautions to ensure the safety of pedestrians throughout the city. Using portable barricades allowed the department to not only regulate vehicular and foot traffic but provide protection for spectators as well.

Portable Power

These measures are only as good as the equipment put in place. When the weakest link is a vehicle barrier, it can do little to keep people safe. When a woman carjacked a Honda CR-V and drove it into police barriers set up for a local pole vaulting event, the wooden structures did little to slow her egress. She then proceeded to collide with another car during her joyride.

Had local law enforcement employed stronger units like those developed by Delta Scientific, the risk would have been substantially minimized. Equipment that is both portable and easy to install and tear down is essential to creating safety zones that are impenetrable to those looking to attack pedestrians and officers or drivers who have lost control of their vehicles.

When preparing for large events or seasonal traffic, it’s important to remember to plan effective safety procedures. While simple wooden barricades may have been effective in the past, these events illustrate the need for hardware of a higher caliber. Contact Delta Scientific before creating your next security strategy and learn how high-strength portable barriers offer the kind of safety pedestrians expect.