Beautiful Bollards Are the Attractive Alternative

Beautiful-Bollards-Are-the-Attractive-Alternative-Delta Scientific -Corporation

Protecting people and property from vehicular threats would appear to be an easy task. Many buildings and roadways already have security measures in place, or rely on temporary solutions to fix permanent problems. Other areas might need to keep cars and trucks away from pathways mainly used for foot traffic but may still require vehicle access in emergencies or for maintenance work.

Security bollards have long been an appealing alternative to gates and barricades because of their ability to remain intact and allow pedestrians and cyclists to pass easily. As opposed to rising barriers and beam-style barricades, bollards allow continuous egress while simultaneously preventing automotive access. Trends for using these types of barriers continue to increase, and architects are choosing them as attractive options to maintain the aesthetics of certain areas.

A Warmer Environment

No one wants to feel as if they live by a prison. Unfortunately, gates and fencing installed to provide security can often leave citizens with that impression. Such was the concern of the City Council of Mountain Brook, Alabama. When members decided to close off a children’s park from vehicular traffic, the last thing they wanted was to fence in the area. Instead, bollards were proposed as an aesthetically friendly option, which had the additional effect of reducing budget costs for purchase and installation.

A similar idea was suggested when deciding how to best protect the Westerly War Memorial in Rhode Island. It was decided to install commemorative bollards sourced locally to both show dedication to fallen heroes and keep the monument intact. Instead of being obvious eyesores, these devices added to the beauty of the area and allowed visitors to appreciate the serene and somber surroundings.

Respectfully Beautiful

There are times when security measures are warranted but the resulting installations are far from appealing. In St. Helen’s Square, the New York City Council installed a series of anti-terrorism defenses that many citizens found to be obtrusive and excessive. These massive black devices may perform well against threats, but they stand in stark contrast to the recently erected Christmas decorations and create a sense of fear and anxiety at a time when joy and cheer should be most prevalent.

While not a threat from terrorism, officials in Fredonia in upstate New York found a better solution when protecting a historic house near the center of town. Having repeatedly been the site of destructive auto accidents, the mayor decided that installing iron bollards would provide an attractive, simple and safe solution to a continuing problem. Designed similarly to Delta Scientific’s own elegant DSC800 K4 and L2 crash rated devices, they would be just as safe as other options while maintaining the look of the local landmark.

The answers to security problems don’t have to be ugly and cumbersome. High rated barricades aren’t always the best solution, especially when aesthetics are on the line. Contact Delta Scientific’s team of experts to discuss how bollards can provide similar protection to their more aggressive-looking options. It is possible to create an effective defense against vehicular threats while providing a welcoming and beautiful space that everyone can enjoy.