Keep Passengers Safe and Airports Looking Great

Keep Passengers Safe and Airports Looking Great | Delta Scientific

Modern airports are international centers of human interaction. In our global society, people traveling to and from every corner of the planet traverse through airport hubs as part of their journey. As such, airports are a symbol of modern civilization, and unfortunately, have become prime targets for terrorist groups.

Keeping the traveling public and other visitors to airports safe is as big a challenge as it is a concern to law enforcement and airport management. Another consideration faced by designers and security management is how to safeguard the facility without giving it the appearance of a locked-down police state. While armed soldiers in airport terminals are a necessary part of life in some countries, every attempt to reduce travelers’ stress levels by making the surroundings as aesthetically pleasing as possible should still be a priority.

Skillful designers employ modern methods to enhance the appearance of airport facilities and keep security at the necessary levels. Through targeted behavior monitoring, building design and controlled access, airport personnel can help to reduce the chance of a successful terrorist attack.

Keeping Unauthorized Vehicles Out

Unsponsored and “lone wolf” assaults are on the rise and can be just as devastating as more coordinated efforts. The low-level and unsophisticated assailants often resort to the use of vehicles, usually filled with explosives and shrapnel, parked in an unauthorized area selected to do the most possible damage to property and human life. Controlling vehicle access, then, could have a substantial effect on reducing these types of attacks.

Bollards With Curb Appeal

Delta Scientific Corp., the world leader in high-security bollards and vehicle barricades, carries a complete line of bollards that enable designers to separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic while maintaining a pleasing overall visual appearance for the airport facility. High-security fixed bollards such as the DSC600 are K-12 impact certified, designed to stop even the most massive vehicle and provide a selection of covers to blend with most facility designs. Alternately, you can custom design coverings to match precisely your facility’s design.

Security Devices for Every Situation

Bollards protect passengers in loading and drop-off areas by placing an insurmountable obstacle between them and attempted vehicle bombers. Delta Scientific also carries a complete line of high-impact rated barriers and security devices that enable facility designers and security chiefs to agree on the perfect combination of aesthetic form and high-level safety functionality. Check out our full line of:

Whatever your aesthetic and security needs are, Delta Scientific can provide you with the right tools with the right look.