What Crowd Surges Are and How To Prevent Them

Major events that draw large crowds can be fun, exciting, and memorable. Unfortunately, big events can also pose their own safety risks. Event planners and venues have a duty to protect attendees from external threats and from threats caused by the crowd itself. What are crowd surges? Find out more about these unfortunate incidents and ways to prevent them.

3 Types of Traffic Barriers and When To Use Them

There are many different traffic barrier types. Some are portable, meant to keep motorists away from construction zones and other transient hazards. Others are permanent, intended primarily to protect the property itself from errant motorists. We at Delta Scientific sell products intended to protect your property from vehicles traveling at unsafe speeds or in areas they aren’t supposed to go. Here are some examples of our products and how to utilize them.

Types of Vehicle Access Control Systems

Vehicle access control systems serve to allow authorized vehicles only onto the premises by regulating their entry. They have applications for many different types of properties. If you don’t already have vehicle access control devices and are interested in purchasing some, here is a guide to the different types available from Delta Scientific. If the vehicle access control system you currently have is not effective, we offer multiple options for replacement.

The Importance of Port Security Barriers

Every year, billions of dollars in valuable cargo is shipped around the world and passes through ports by the ton. In addition, millions of people travel around the world by sea and by air every year. Port security is a collaborative effort by organizations around the world to safeguard the ports, the people and cargo traveling through them, and the countries in which the ports are located from various potential threats. We at Delta Scientific offer several products with applications for port security.

Product Spotlight: Beam Barricade DSC7000

A challenge that can arise when securing many critical facilities is that the approach is too wide for many traditional barricades to span completely. We at Delta Scientific have addressed this problem with our DSC7000 beam barricade, which is available in width options that can close off either a single lane or a double lane. Learn more about the features that the DSC7000 has to offer.

The Future of Security in Education

At Delta Scientific, we recognize how important it is for a society to educate its children. Yet around the country, in public and private schools, students and teachers alike have difficulty working because of constant fear of an attack against their schools. Every child should have an expectation of safety at school, and teachers should expect a safe working environment, especially considering the sacrifices they have to make for the education and edification of young minds.