5 Types of Private Businesses That Could Benefit from Delta Scientific Security Products

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Delta Scientific products meet rigorous standards that make them appropriate for government and military installations. Nevertheless, we also supply security barricades to private businesses as well. Here are some examples of privately owned or operated companies that could benefit from Delta Scientific products for physical security.

1. Factories and Warehouses

In recent years, there have been multiple attacks on the supply chain, which has already been experiencing interruptions due to COVID-19. The people who carry out these attacks hope to deprive ordinary people of basic goods and services to drive inflation up, lower consumer confidence, and generally sow chaos. Thus far, these attacks have primarily targeted cybersecurity vulnerabilities, but a physical attack, as with a vehicle, is not out of the question. Delta Scientific barricades can prevent such an attack from turning deadly.

2. Stadiums

Though often financed at least partially with public funds, many stadiums are owned by private corporations. They are also soft targets for terroristic vehicle attacks because they gather so many people together at the same time, and the number of casualties is likely to be high. Rather than attacking the stadium itself, the perpetrators may target the areas where people are walking. We offer a variety of bollards that prevent encroachment by vehicles onto pedestrian areas without impeding foot traffic.

3. Airports

A majority of airports in the United States are operated according to a public-private partnership. In most cases, state or local government has actual ownership, but a private entity oversees the day-to-day operations of the airport. Therefore, it is likely a private organization that makes decisions regarding security features.

Both airplanes and airports have been targets for terroristic activity for several decades. Delta Scientific beam barricades can control access to the facility and moderate traffic flow.

4. Shopping Centers

Large supermarkets, strip malls, and sprawling shopping centers are vulnerable to vehicle attack at any time of year. However, the danger is greatest when these shopping centers are crowded. For example, the holiday season during November and December sees huge numbers of people shopping all at the same time. The juxtaposition of a tragedy taking place during a festive period can have a deep emotional impact. Delta Scientific bollards are effective at protecting pedestrian areas from cars and preventing vehicles from approaching too closely to the building.

5. Car Lots

Car lots carry millions of dollars worth of inventory, most of which sits out in the open. It doesn’t take a great deal of skill to rewire one of these vehicles to start without a key and drive it right off the lot. Delta Scientific barricades can remain out of the way during the day so customers can come and go as they please. At night, when the car lot closes and all customers and employees have gone home, the barricades can be deployed to prevent anyone from driving off the lot.

Our products are effective at stopping heavily loaded, 15,000-pound vehicles traveling up to 50 miles per hour. They are designed specifically to prevent vehicle ramming attempts. Therefore, the chances of a car thief successfully driving a vehicle onto or off of a lot protected by our products are essentially zero.