Types of Vehicle Access Control Systems

Vehicle access control systems serve to allow authorized vehicles only onto the premises by regulating their entry. They have applications for many different types of properties. If you don’t already have vehicle access control devices and are interested in purchasing some, here is a guide to the different types available from Delta Scientific. If the vehicle access control system you currently have is not effective, we offer multiple options for replacement.

What Types of Properties Require Vehicle Access Control Systems?

There are many different types of properties that can benefit from vehicle access control. You have probably seen them in use in public parking garages and parking lots. You may have also seen them on military bases or government facilities.

Vehicle control systems are common on private industrial lots and certain types of commercial properties. They are also common on residential properties, especially those where community members pay extra for security and other amenities.

What Types of Vehicle Access Control Equipment Are Available?

Different types of vehicle access control systems are available for various situations. Here is a list of some of the vehicle access control devices we offer at Delta Scientific, as well as the types of situations for which each is most appropriate.

Can Your Beam Barricades Stop a Breach | Delta Scientific

Beam Barricades

A beam barricade has a crash beam mounted between two buttresses. You can lower the beam to prevent forward movement of the vehicle until you have the chance to verify the credentials of the occupants, then raise the beam again to allow access to authorized vehicles. This is a good option for areas that see high traffic but still require high security.

Wedge Barricades

A wedge barricade is different from a beam barricade in that it rises up out of the ground to stop oncoming vehicles and lowers to become flush with the driving surface to allow them to pass. Wedge barricades can be useful when you need to prevent vehicles from going the wrong way.


Traffic bollards are sturdy posts between three and five feet high, partially buried in the ground to prevent vehicles from driving in a particular area. Bollards are common in pedestrian areas because they protect walkers from vehicles without impeding foot traffic. The most basic type of bollard is immovable in the ground, but there are also retractable bollards for areas in which vehicles sometimes need to be able to pass through.

Surface-Mounted Barricades

Installing the preceding types of vehicle access control equipment usually requires excavation. This can make it difficult to retrofit an existing building with a vehicle control access system. We at Delta Scientific recognize this difficulty, which is why we offer surface-mounted barricades.

Portable Barricades and Bollards

Sometimes you only need vehicle access control on a temporary basis, such as when you are blocking off traffic for a special community event. We have anticipated this need as well and offer a selection of portable barricades and bollards that you can set up easily, tear down quickly, and store until you need them again.

Why Should You Purchase Vehicle Access Control Systems From Delta Scientific?

We offer customization options to make sure you get the vehicle access control systems you need. We provide technical support and maintenance services after the sale. Contact us for more information.