3 Types of Traffic Barriers and When To Use Them

3 Types of Traffic Barriers and When To Use Them | Delta Scientific

There are many different traffic barrier types. Some are portable, meant to keep motorists away from construction zones and other transient hazards. Others are permanent, intended primarily to protect the property itself from errant motorists. We at Delta Scientific sell products intended to protect your property from vehicles traveling at unsafe speeds or in areas they aren’t supposed to go. Here are some examples of our products and how to utilize them.

1. Traffic Barrier Types: Beam Barricades

A beam barricade has a dynamic arm between two posts that you can raise to let vehicles through and lower to prevent passage. Another name for the arm is a crash beam. If the driver of a vehicle is going to try to ram this type of barrier, it is the beam that they are most likely to hit.

The Delta Scientific beam barricades that provide the most protection are able to stop a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling up to 50 miles per hour. We also offer barricades that can stop vehicles traveling up to 30 or 40 miles per hour. We perform crash testing on all our products according to established test criteria to ensure our ratings are accurate.

A beam barricade would be a good product to use when you need to verify drivers’ credentials. If the driver has the necessary authorization, you can raise the beam and let the vehicle through. If not, you can keep the beam lowered while you call for backup.

2. Traffic Teeth

Another type of traffic barrier that can control vehicle access is traffic teeth. Traffic teeth consist of zinc-plated teeth in a steel frame. They cause no damage to vehicles that are traveling in one direction over the frame, but if a vehicle travels in the other direction, the teeth puncture the tires, causing them to deflate. This incapacitates the vehicle temporarily.

Traffic teeth are a good option if you want to keep one-way traffic flowing correctly in an area with a low speed limit. The faster a vehicle is traveling, the less effective traffic teeth can be, which is why you may want to pair them with another type of traffic barrier.

3. Bollards

Bollards are posts that stick up above the surface of the ground, usually about three feet high, that stop vehicles from traveling into certain areas. A common use for bollards is to prevent cars and trucks from traveling into areas reserved for pedestrians. People on foot or on bicycles can pass between the bollards, but vehicles cannot get past.

Delta Scientific offers both permanent and portable bollards. The latter are useful if you have a special event for which you would like to stop traffic temporarily but would like to restore vehicle travel when the event is over. Our portable bollards are easy and quick to set up and then tear down again.

Learn More About Traffic Barrier Types Available From Delta Scientific

These are some of our most popular traffic barrier types, but we carry many more products than these. We are always happy to answer questions for customers and talk about customization options, so contact us today.