Choosing From Different Types of Crowd Control Barriers

If you operate a large entertainment venue, such as a theater or a sports stadium, or you hold a large event on a regular basis, you need crowd control barriers to avoid trouble. There are barriers that go both inside and outside. We at Delta Scientific primarily offer vehicle access control barriers for use outside your venue.

Why Do You Need Crowd Control Barriers?

A crowd of people can sometimes act as an individual entity. Barriers can help manage a crowd’s behavior so that it doesn’t get out of hand. For example, overcrowding can cause individuals to become unruly. Strategically placed barriers can facilitate a steady flow of vehicle and foot traffic to allow crowd members to get where they are going easily and prevent tempers from flaring.

Different types of barriers also prevent people from entering areas that are dangerous for pedestrians and provide physical security from outside threats, such as vehicle ramming attacks.

Where Do You Put Crowd Control Barriers?

Plastic crowd control barriers are typically used inside your building; we don’t sell this type at Delta Scientific. Not only do these prevent visitors from wandering into unauthorized areas, whether accidentally or on purpose, but they also guide visitors to get where they want to go.

We at Delta Scientific sell vehicle access control barriers made of metal. These metal crowd control barriers have to be able to withstand an impact by a large, heavy vehicle traveling at high velocities. We perform crash testing to determine how effective each barrier is at stopping vehicles at high speeds. We then assign a  crash rating to each of our products according to established systems.

MP5000 Portable Barrier at Levi Stadium

What Types of Crowd Control Barriers Are Available From Delta Scientific?

Many of the barriers we offer at Delta Scientific fall into one of the following categories.

1. Beam Barricades

A beam barricade consists of two posts with an arm in between. The arm operates under electric, hydraulic, or manual power, and you can raise or lower it to either allow vehicles access or prevent them from entering your premises. This way, you can control traffic more effectively and stop a vehicle attack quickly.

2. Bollards

Bollards are short posts that prevent vehicles from entering pedestrian areas. Typically, pedestrians can walk between the bollards if necessary, so they do not impede foot traffic. Delta Scientific bollards are effective and aesthetically pleasing, especially if you customize them to match your existing décor.

3. Traffic Teeth

Traffic teeth prevent drivers from traveling in the wrong direction by puncturing the tires of the offending vehicle. The MTC6000 Motorized Traffic Control Spike System only responds to the weight of a vehicle. Therefore, it is safe for pedestrian areas.

4. Surface-Mounted Barricades

Generally speaking, security concerns have evolved over the past 20 years. If you have an older venue, its security may not be adequate to today’s threats. On the other hand, subsurface infrastructure may prevent deep excavation to install traditional crowd control barriers. Our surface-mounted barricades do not require deep excavation, so it is easy to retrofit your facility with them.

Why Delta Scientific Crowd Control Barriers?

Our crowd control barriers are typically effective against vehicles traveling between 30 and 50 miles per hour. Request a quote today.