Delta Scientific Has a Role To Play in Protecting U.S. Military Bases

Delta Scientific Has a Role To Play in Protecting U.S. Military Bases - Delta Scientific

United States military bases, both those on home soil and overseas, face a wide variety of threats. Unconventional operations, such as information warfare and cyber weapons, also include vehicle attacks. Such attacks could also affect civilians living on military installations, such as the families of service members. For decades, Delta Scientific has been at the forefront of physical security for military facilities. In that time, our barriers have never failed to neutralize an attack.

Vehicle Attacks Against Military Bases Have Increased in Recent Years

The past two years or so have seen an increase in vehicle attacks against U.S. military bases. For example, in September 2019, terrorists in Somalia launched an attack against a base where U.S. soldiers train commandos. Fighters were able to get inside because of a car bomb that first blasted through the gates.

However, vehicle attacks against military installations are not limited to overseas bases. Within a week or so of the car bomb attack in Somalia, there were vehicle attacks on two separate military bases on U.S. soil. One occurred at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia when a driver and two passengers were killed instantly upon colliding with a security barrier after driving through a gate. Three days later, another incident occurred in Texas at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi when a 47-year-old man rammed a stolen truck into a barricade, He was arrested after brandishing a stolen handgun while running around the base following the collision and pleaded guilty to several criminal counts.

While there does not appear to be a connection between any of these incidents, collectively they illustrate the increasing threat of vehicle attacks against U.S. military bases, both here and abroad.

The U.S. Military Is Putting More Focus on Physical Security

In the past, the military tended to view its installations as safe havens located far from battlefields and protected by proximity to friendly neighbors. This perception has changed, in part because of vehicle attacks against military bases both at home and abroad. Since 2016, the military has put greater emphasis on physical security measures, of which vehicle barriers are a vital component.

Delta Scientific Provides Proven Security Solutions

Delta Scientific offers a range of products that might have applications on a military base:

All of our products are tested under conditions that mimic scenarios they may face in the field. Based on their performance in testing, they are given K-ratings according to a scale devised by the Department of Defense for gauging how effective a barrier is at stopping a 15,000-pound truck. Many of our products have received the highest rating of K12, which means they are effective at stopping the progress of a 15,000-pound truck traveling up to 50 miles per hour.

In an emergency situation, it may be necessary to deploy a barricade quickly. For this purpose, Delta Scientific provides portable barriers that can be installed quickly and relocated with equal ease. Portable barriers can be installed on any hard, flat surface and do not require any excavation.

Delta Scientific is proud of our service members and grateful for the opportunity to keep them safe as they protect us.