Manual High Security Crash Rated Swing Gate

Model #: SGC1000

K4 Crash Rated Manual Swing Gate
Certified By: Engineered Rated
Certification Level: K4
Installation Design: Swing Gate

Delta Scientific’s SGC1000 high security swing gate was designed to fill the need for a rugged manually operated crash-rated swing gate. The design of the end support assemblies add to its crash rated performance. A ground track is not needed. The SGC1000 provides a clear opening of 12 to 30 feet (3,657 mm to 9,144 mm).

The gate can be tailored to match the surrounding decor in a wide variety of architectural treatments. The SGC1000 also comes in an automated version.  The gate is designed to stop and destroy a 15,000lb vehicle traveling at 30mph providing your facility with a high level of protection from vehicle borne threats.

SGC1000 Manual Swing Security Gate

SGC1000 Border Gate | Delta Scientific Corporation

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Beam Barricade TT212EC

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