Our Fastest, Smallest, Shallowest Barricade: DSC2000

Our Fastest, Smallest, Shallowest Barricade- DSC2000 | Delta Scientific

As terrorists become more emboldened and the threat of vehicle attacks increases, a crash-rated barricade becomes more necessary, especially for government buildings and other sensitive facilities. However, there are difficulties involved in transporting and installing many barricades. For one thing, if the facility is in a remote location, transporting the heavy equipment to the site can be a challenge. Conversely, if the facility is in a well-established and developed area, it is difficult to install the barricade without disturbing underground utilities and other buried elements.

Delta Scientific recognizes the difficulties involved in balancing your security against these other practical concerns. The DSC2000 wedge barricade is our answer to these challenges. It is the fastest, smallest, and shallowest barricade that we have ever produced, yet crash testing confirms that it is strong enough to stop a 15,000-pound truck traveling 50 miles per hour, earning its K12 certified rating.


The DSC2000 offers two speeds of operation. Emergency fast operation requires the push of a button to engage. Once in this mode, the barricade can deploy in half a second at most. In crash tests, the deployment was sometimes even faster. In normal operation mode, raising or lowering the barricade can take between three-seconds and 15 seconds. You can adjust this speed according to your preference. Regardless of the speed, raising and lowering the barricade in normal operation mode can be stopped and reversed at any point.


Three barrier modules make up the DSC2000 system. Each of these barrier modules weighs approximately 1,100 pounds. However, it is possible to disassemble the modules into two elements of approximately 550 pounds each for easier handling. They are small enough and light enough to be transported in the back of a pick-up truck, or they can fit into a small cargo container for air transport.

Extendable barricades of this nature can sometimes pose a hazard to authorized vehicles or pedestrians due to bolt heads, raised plates or buttresses that extend above the level of the pavement. This is not an issue with the DSC2000. The barrier modules are completely flush with the pavement when lowered in the “free passage” position, extending up to three feet when in the full guard position.


Traditionally, a shallow-foundation barricade requires a depth of up to 18 inches. This sometimes requires relocation or rerouting of buried elements. Each barrier module of the DSC2000 is 10 inches deep, requiring a foundation depth of up 11 inches for installation.

Crash Test Results

The DSC2000 exceeded test standards established by two federal agencies, the Department of Defense and the Department of State, in standing up to an impact of 1.5 million foot pounds during a crash test. While one of the barrier modules was damaged, the other two were still operational, meaning that they were ready to stop a second attack.

The standard DSC2000 system consists of a minimum of three 24-inch long barrier modules, positioned 18 inches apart, for a total length of 108 inches for the entire array. However, the system is customizable so that you can purchase an array of more barrier modules to protect a wider area if desired.